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  1. Anyone have an idea of when AP , Courier-Journal , or any other All-State Teams will be posted/announced ?????? What is the normal time frame ???
  2. Oh yeah , I am positive they don't have Tilghman speed . Does that mean that they are not faster than HC ? No way . It is only a speed reference . Even though Mayfield beat Tilghman , does not mean they were faster than them . All I was referring to was the speed issue . Because Mayfield even proved that the faster team does not always win . Everyone in Louisville knows how good mayfield is too ! We also know that we are the underdog . But , something tells me that Holy Cross will show up on friday and be ready to play . Hope to see you there . Or will you be critiqueing everything from your computer at home ? Hook up with us and drink a beer before the game . I
  3. I see Holy Cross in a close one . HC's size against Mayfield's speed . It will be interesting to see if HC can keep up with Mayfield . They couldn't keep up with Tilghman but Mayfield doesn't have Tilghman speed . HC 21 - Mayfield 13 ............
  4. What players are they missing and what happened to them ? Injuries , grades , disciplinary reasons ??????
  5. Holy Cross should take care of business this Friday . Bethlehem is a very good team and gave Cross fits in the last game before depth took over and Cross prevailed 31-14 . I expect a little of the same this week . Cross' senior leadership will not let them look ahead to Mayfield the following week . I say Cross 38 - Bethlehem 12 . Cross is finally healthy again and should be clicking this week .
  6. Someone better tell the Mayfield police about this statement because Mayfield has already declared themselves 1A State Champs !!!! Never seen a fan base so cocky and confident in my life ! But , they will say it is "confidence" or they have "earned" it or they are "hated by many but respected by all" or something like that ....
  7. Holy Cross is still one of the favorites in Class A . They flat out got beat on saturday . They could not contain #1 and he beat them single handedly . What would have happened if they had Forest ?!?! Dang ! They won't see Tilghman type os speed the rest of the year and yes this means Mayfield too . Holy Cross had 2 starters out on defense and then lose their leading rusher and their leading receiver late in the 1st half . They had an offensive linemean that got hurt early in first quarter but continued to play (probable broken wrist) . No excuses though . They qould have probably gotten beat anyway . but , remember , Holy Cross dropped a wide open TD pass in 2nd and then got the ball back and moved to the 7 and missed a chip shot field goal . Tilghman was on their heels at that point . In 3rd after giving up a field goal and trailing 17-7 , Holy Cross had Tilghman pinned at the 4 and had 3rd and 17 and they threw a basic out to #1 that went for a 96 yard TD and after that it was over . Holy Cross will be fine and Tilghman should win 3A if they can ahndle Central . The better team won but the final was a little misleading . A pretty clean game all around and I think it was #7 on Tilghman laid , from what I have seen so far , the hit of the year on a Holy Cross defender on a punt return : Absolutely destroyed him and perfectly clean !
  8. Let's get it started : What is everyone's take on PT @ LHC on Saturday ? PT's star is rumored to be out . How much of an impact will that have on PT's gameplan ? LHC is still undefeated but didn't look very good in district championship game against KCD on Friday , only winning 21-7 . I see LHC winnning in a close one mainly due to LHC's tough defense . Their offense was rather ho-hum against KCD , but a win is a win . This should be a good one and I am sure Mighty Mayfield will be watching this one very closely . LHC 20 - PT 9 .....................
  9. Desales wins easy . CAL cannot keep up with Desales strength . CAL is good and very sound but Desales is a very well coached team .
  10. Holy Cross 48 - KCD 28 ............. District Champs !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. 1 Henry County 2 North Bullitt 3 Oldham county 5 KCD 7 Western Hills Tie Breaker KCD
  12. Only time will tell , and all I was saying was that Bethlehem is a very good team and a team that can cause some problems in the playoffs .
  13. All Holy Cross is doing is taking each game one at a time and taking care of business . If that makes them over-rated then I guess that is the case . They are not killing teams , but are wearing teams down because for the first time in years they have depth . Bethlehem is a very , very quality team , the same as Christian Academy . Bethlehem will wreak havoc on most teams and Cross walked away from the game last week with nothing but respect for Bethlehem .
  14. If special teams are the case then Louisville Holy Cross should end up on the positive side of the score . Greg Johnson has returned (3) kicks for touchdowns alreadys and the other returner has returned (1) .
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