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  1. I like Bunnies, why??? I'm just that way. Should be a Great Game.
  2. Nice win for McCreary Central. Got to be one of the most improved team in State. McCreary controlled this game the whole 2nd half. Good Job.
  3. Now that all the bias opinions about the game has been stated. I'm just a fan with no dog in this fight. No Running Clock on Corbin. Maybe Corbin in a tight game 21-17. This will be a Very Good Football game.
  4. I've known Coach Graham a long time, no way he let the things go on and not address them. Shame on Rowan County. Like I told Ray, never got fired from a job that God didn't place me in a better one. Good Luck.
  5. Anytime Tim Couch's nephew is QB don't count out that team.
  6. Good win for Coach Ford and McCreary Central. Now on to week 2 and Lynn Camp.
  7. Jordan Williams at McCreary Central. 6' 5" 305 OL/DL is a kid who has a lot of upside and will make some heads turn in the future.
  8. I think Coach Ford can be very successful at McCreary Central. We have a new Super and he will support football. We have a very good Soph, class and with the schedule we re playing we can win, Now. Coach Ford has his work cut out for him getting the kids out to play. They worked hard for Bozeman and liked him and many say they are not going to play. Good Luck Coach and wish you the best.
  9. I posted a month ago Justin Bozeman is new coach at McCreary Central. He did Spring Practice and is now doing the after school wt. program and Agility program. He has been offered and Accepted the job.
  10. Justin Bozeman has been conducting Spring Practice. He was at McCreary as Asst. Coach 2 times and Head Coach once several years back. Has been an Asst. Football Coach at Whitley County last 5 or 6 years.
  11. Hire a Head Coach, Hire a Support Staff, Upgrade facilities, Upgrade Equipment and Playing Surface. Get the support of the Administration.
  12. Joe told me at Hawg Heaven Camp last July. He was going to move closer to his Daughter. Good Luck to a Great Coach and a Better Man.
  13. Tomorrow at 6 is suppose to be colder than tonight. What is the Super thinking ??? Oh he don't think!!!
  14. Kids this day and time, want to play immediately. At Alabama or OHS he may have to wait until he is a Jr. or Sr. I think he chooses Kentucky. I can only hope !!!!!!
  15. Grabbing the net on a shot attempt is Basket Interference.
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