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  1. North played very well last night and had the lead alot of the game. Think they made something like 15 threes or so. The big Asher kid made 6 his self. But in the end too much Blake Smith. He had a huge set of plays where he went dunk, block, dunk, block. Had the crowd going wild. He finished with 25 pts, 6 blocks, 4 reb, 4 asst. Farmer had 17 and shot the lights out of the 3. Clay is close to getting back healthy and they are gonna need it. 2 big games next week with Wayne County and Cordia.
  2. Ill take the 87 or 88 with the Battles of Farmer and Alan Houston
  3. Congrats on the win. I thought the game was closer Than the final score. Ballard has a really nice team.
  4. Smith hasn't been right since hazard game at Wymt been sick not getting better. Went to dr today to figure out what's going on. Ryan House played 1 quarter with injured wrist and went back out. Clay's 2 best defenders and they was still up 1 with a minute to go.
  5. Clay was up 1 with 1:28 to go and had the ball. Was gonna run clock and make Perry foul. Well Smith ran about 20 to 25 seconds dribbling all over the place. This whole time perry should have had a saddle on him they fouled him 4 or 5 times no call. He throws it to farmer and perry fouls him he loses ball and Perry makes wide open lay up. Next trip down Farmer goes to throw ball to Smith to run offense player trips Smith as pass was coming he falls down , Perry picks up pass wide open lay up. Perry up 3. And all this happens in 35 sec. They wasn't letting Clay win no matter what.
  6. Best in the mountains is Blake Smith. He does some Vince carter type dunks in warm ups.
  7. Cordia is the 2nd best team in this region, hands down.
  8. I agree with everything you said. They did Clay County the same way last year, and when you say something about it, the Wayne County folks throw a fit. When we walked into thier gym last year and a couple of older gentleman came up and ask if we where from Clay and what kind of team we had. we made small talk and Ill swear this on anything the man said " Well i sure hope you guys are 30 points better than them because thats what it takes to win in this gym. And then he pointed out an older Referee and said hes gonna be the one that sticks it to you.
  9. Final from OBI. Clay wins behind a huge 1st half from Trey Farmer and a Huge 2nd half from Blake Smith. Farmer goes for 17 pts in the first half while Smith goes for 22pts in the 2nd half. But the story of the game is Clay lost Ryan House to a possible broken wrist. He left the game in the 3rd quarter for X-rays. Will post final stats later.
  10. Wow what's crazy is North is gonna end up with Clay in the 1st round of the district at North
  11. Coach P. Benched his star player Andrew Taylor with 1 minute to go in the 1st quarter and he never returned. Talk about sending a message.
  12. Collier is Cleared to play. Jackson County has 10 days to file an appeal. Norths coaches was @ south tonight watching Clay and this is what was being told.
  13. Clay was once again dominated by a Big Man, Taylor killed them all night in the paint and on the boards. I will say this South should have won this game. I dont know how CC pulled this one out. But the Boys never quit and fought to the end. Farmer made a huge 3 to send it to OT. And Clay never looked back. Blake Smith led the Tigers with 19pts on 7-9 fgs, Farmer had 17pts, and House had 16pts. Clays defense stunk again tonight, but a win is a win
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