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  1. Corbin fans want to throw up the win over Alcoa, and yes they only lost two games but like Corbin, their schedule was weak. They want to toss around the Mayfield win, but Mayfield is no way matches up with the likes of Central. Beechwood gave them a dose of their own medicine in that game. But.... Corbin has a chance. Central will give it to them by lining up in zero coverage, pressing just daring Corbin to throw it or run it up the middle, between the tackles. If Corbin backs can get second level and pick up some yards and move the chains then they will give themselves a chance. As good as the Corbin Defense is advertised to be, they have not seen the type of speed they will see on Friday. Plus the backs for Central will be faster and stronger than any backs they have seen thus far. The Hounds feelings are going to be hurt, and maybe that will be motivation to win the game but hurt feeling don't win games, so I gotta go with the Yellow Jackets this time around. On the bright side there is always 4th Street Live......
  2. Whitley @ Letcher Co Central Perry Co Central @ Harlan Co. If both teams win it will force a three way tie between North, Whitley and Harlan. Actually week 10 games will decide the district championship, if Whitley can defeat Hazard they will be district champs on points, North would be second and Harlan Co would be third and Perry Co would be 4th
  3. After stumbling out of the gate, if Whitley wins out they will be district Champs, with North #2 and Harlan #3 and on the road in the playoffs. Actually the worst that can happen if there is a three way tie is Whitley will be #2 and North will be #1....Harlan Co will be third due to points (or lack there of)
  4. Harlan did everything right in the first quarter and jumped out to a 21-0 lead and padded it in the second, only missing an extra point to lead 27-0. Harlan had the ball inside the Whitley 10 first and goal and was stopped and they opted for a FG and missed. Had they gone for it and gotten the 2 point conversion they would have put a running clock on the Colonels in the second quarter. The Colonels got the ball on the 20 and on 1st down were stopped for a loss, then hit a 72 yard pass and the comeback was on. The Colonels scored 28 straight and took a 28-27 lead. Everything started to go right for Whitley and started to go wrong for Harlan. Whitley continued to make plays and stopped a two point conversion which would have tied the game at 34. Whitley scored to widen the margin to 41-33 but it took and INT with 2 seconds left to seal the deal. One of if not the best comebacks I have ever seen.
  5. Bell is still a good football team. They are strong and physical but just don't seem to have an identity other than line up shoe to shoe and run the football, they are just a one note song right now. Whitley made plays when it counted most which is something that they had not done in the past. Limited possessions and physical play defined this game and Whitley simply made more of their opportunities.
  6. I picked the Ads in the poll but........ Both teams have good young coaches who really do a good job getting most out of their respective teams. I think that Corbin is working to be more hardnosed in hopes of meeting Belfry with a trip to the finals on the line. I would not be surprised to see Corbin win this game but I think that like Campbell Field Danville is a tough place to play. Clevenger being from Danville takes a ton of pride in his team, Haddix not being from Corbin is even more dangerous wanting to build his resume, so I look for both coaches to pull out all the plugs and go for it all in this game. Ads---35 Hounds 27
  7. Corbin is certainly the favorite and improved from last year but Whitley has improved too. Yes Luke Woods is gone but they have a solid stable of backs and a great corp of receivers. The question is now how the offensive line will be for the Colonels. Sizemore of Corbin is a solid QB with a lot of tools at his disposal, and Wilson is in much the same situation that Sizemore ws in last year. This will be a great game so i would say get there early and hold on to your seat, there is going to be a great crowd and a great atmosphere.
  8. I hope Corbin makes the mistake of looking forward to the Mayfield game too......
  9. @Purple Adoptee That was back in the day when the football field was also used as a baseball field in the spring. You should come back home sometime and see how the campus has grown and improved over the years. As an alum of Whitley I'm sure would would like the way the campus has grown and how student friendly it has become. Whitley has been blessed over the years having great leadership improving the academics as well as the athletic opportunities for the student body.
  10. I think that is correct on the Hazard scrimmage. They were at Colonel stadium last year and this is the return trip. Several players have joined the team. Caleb Rains (So) and Cory Johnson (Jr) are great additions to the team, also Shawn Hickey (Sr) returned to the team after a year in Georgia, these three add more athletic players with speed to a team that was a bit slow last season but worked hard in the off season to improve overall team speed. Coach Chappell will be able to put a team on the field this season that will have overall more team speed and a much better understanding of Randy Frazier's defensive concept since he had so much time with them in the off season. Ricky Bowling the QB coach has done a super job preparing Wilson at the QB position but also is developing several other QBs. There will be plenty of targets for Wilson to throw to as the Colonel receiving corp will be led by Jr. Cam Rose and Dawson Swain. Nathan Jackson, Hickey and Jake Paul with be a force out of the backfield.
  11. Whitley County Will be improved. How much is the question. The Colonels have a new quarterback in Jr. Dylan Wilson. Wilson replaces departed to graduation Luke Woods. The Colonels will be faster than last year and will be bigger and stronger although not too deep along the offensive and defensive front. Numbers continue to rise and so kids are out that have not played in a year or two but will step in and help the team. Coaching additions of Randy Frazier, defensive coordinator (former Bell assistant and Middlesboro head coach) and Clark Teague (former head coach and assistant at several schools) defensive line coach will help strengthen a suspect defense from last year. Five games at home and five on the road is good but playing a couple of district rivals North and Harlan on the road poses a bit of a speed bump for the Colonels but nothing that they are not capable of handling if they continue to improve under head coach Jason Chappell. Overall look for an improved Colonel team in 2016 with an eye turned towards a district championship and a good playoff run.
  12. South--Here is why; As good as Grubb, Griffith and Taylor are, the key may be Ramey hitting shots from the outside. South rebounds better than any team I seen this season, and if they can limit second chance points it will be theirs to lose.
  13. As the athlete in question is still a minor and it is a school issue, the school cannot comment further. I won't speculate on why he could have been suspended but I'm sure that members of the school system could check the student code of conduct and have a better idea of why, but is really any of our business anyway? My hope is that this young man can get himself straightened out and move forward with his life. There is more to life than basketball but it can teach us all life lessons. I hope that he can learn from this tough lesson.
  14. The game is scheduled to Saturday January 9 at James H. Taylor Stadium on the campus of the University of the Cumberlands in Williamsburg KY. There is a banquet (with a speaker)for the players the night before the game. Players arrive and have practices at the local high school fields and at the UofC facilities. A great event and generally pretty good games. Kentucky was the winner last year but it has been a pretty even series.
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