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  1. Not trying to take anything away with my post but I still stand by my comments. The only way I see Raceland keeping it close or winning is if Beechwood makes mistakes. It is not me picking on Raceland (I’m not Aaron Snyder LOL) I just feel that he talent gap between Beechwood and the rest of A is very wide. I would compare it to when App. State went to the Big House and beat Michigan. L If you put these two teams together I am not sure how many offensive and defensive starters you would have from Raceland but I would expect probably single digits. Does not mean I won’t be pulling for the Rams (I have a ton of respect for them and always liked Coach Vanderhoof) but I still feel Beechwood is the better team and if they play 10 times I would be surprised with Beechwood winning any fewer than 9 times. Hope the Rams catch that 1 other time.
  2. Raceland has had a great season and should be proud of the accomplishments they have achieved so far. Raceland can not beat Beechwood. Raceland can defeat Beechwood if Beechwood turns it over and/or has lots of penalties that keep the game close. Beechwood is on another level. I have seen Raceland multiple times and they are a tough hard nosed blue collar football team, but they lack a standout athlete and team speed is solid but not great. Beechwood will more than likely make this a running clock and even if they do it does not take away from what Raceland has accomplished
  3. Might be my pick for the best championship game (Boyle vs Corbin is the other option) I could see either one winning. Danville has some standout athletes but anyone expecting them to be hands down better than Mayfield’s has never seen a Mayfield team. Good luck to both
  4. All Cov Cath Running clock before halftime or after first offensive possession of the 2nd half I hope both stay injury free
  5. Pulling hard for the Rams but if I had to wager money on it I would go with Beechwood and possibly a running clock Good luck to both
  6. I wouldn’t expect to see Johnson Central in 5A in the next alignment. They are currently the largest 4A school in the state based on 4 year averages but Highlands and Cov. Cath are both below them and play up in 5A. That coupled with the fact that no EKY school is seeing enrollment numbers increase and the majority of them (espically in coal country where Central is are decreasing) it would be difficult to move them. A logical scenario I could see is if Highlands and Cov. Cath don’t play up then maybe JC gets bumped but that would not really help Wayne’s chances either. The Cardinals and the Eagles May be stuck together for the next alignment also IMO
  7. Hate to say I told you so but if the shoe fits. I predicted pretty close in the prediction thread that JC would control the game. Wayne is a GREAT football team but their size disadvantage was going to be hard. JC is like a sledgehammer once they get that offense moving and I figured they would ware down Wayne. Congratulations to Wayne on a great season. Good luck to Johnson Central next week.
  8. Not trying to be rude to Wayne as I have no dog in this fight but Wayne gave up substantial yards on the ground to Rockcastle who I have seen in person and does not run it near as well as JC. If this is the same Wayne team as last year then they are in trouble as JC’s second string marched all over the field on them last year. (I do think Wayne is better this year but this comment is from your previous comment) Wayne may have better athletes than Ashland ( I do not believe they do for 1 second) but if they are comparable they may be able to big play JC and come out on top. JC is not built to play from behind with their ball control offense. I simply feel like if both teams play well JC wins comfortably. If they put it on the ground like they did against Ashland the first time then Wayne will have a punchers chance. I wouldn’t bet on it but that is just me. Good luck to both.
  9. I will be shocked if this game is close. I don’t think it will be as bad as last years semifinal between the two (most lopsided semifinal game I have ever seen) but would be shocked if Wayne is within striking distance in the 4th quarter
  10. Who was #20 for JC? Kid ran very well and made multiple big plays that kept drives alive. I did not know him but have only seen JC 3 times this year
  11. I don’t think anyone expected this but if you can get Belfry down their offense is not designed to play from behind. Once they have to start doing some things they are not accustomed to you see this type of thing. Congrats Central. The rest of AAA just got a cold feeling up thier spine looking at this score.
  12. It seemed to me this game was very similar to the last game except JC did not commit the unforced turnovers like they did in the first meeting. (Some of the fumbles the first game were result of Ashland’s play but some were just bad pitches and in the JC offense a bad pitch is a drive killer once you get behind the sticks). Ashland has some good athletes but was not able to handle the physical brand of football JC played with. If these two teams play 10 times I think this is the result 7 or 8 of those times. Ashland needed big plays to keep the game closer and got several but it just wasn’t their night.
  13. Wayne Co gave up a lot of yards rushing vs Rockcastle. That does not bode well when playing JC.
  14. Spurlock is a good coach. I am not a fan of him personally, but no doubt he is successful. I find it odd that Shawn Hager is his assistant. Shawn testified in a hearing about Spurlock when Spurlock left Sheldon Clark and took Johnson with him. I hope the two have buried the hatchet for the kids sake as they could have some success on the court if so
  15. Shawn is a good person who is an average coach at best. He ran the Sheldon Clark program into the ground. Granted the coal industry helped, but Shawn never worked the feeder programs let the middle school team fall by the way side and was not involved enough in the lower levels. The man is great to the kids (more important than anything else) but does not have the foresight and the stratigic mind to build a program to elite status in my book. He can win with equal or better talent but lots of people can do that. I wish the new school the best of luck.
  16. Glad to see Blanton get some more recognition. He is a special talent.
  17. Like what? There is no possible explanation not to mention every other celestial object is spherical so to assume ours is not is beyond absurd.
  18. Has he ever noticed that durring an eclipse there is no sign of a corner?
  19. Hager is a great person but only an average coach. His sideline antics were to much for me and all he did was scream. I feel the best coaches are more teachers than screamers. He had some success at Sheldon Clark when they were as talented as anyone in their class but struggled when he was not better than people. His offensive style does not allow you to win unless you are better than the team playing more often than not IMO. I wish him and the new school the best of luck.
  20. I am not a Duke fan but I can appreciate good basketball and that is what Duke puts on the floor Year in and year out. Coach K rubs a lot of people the wrong way as they say he is a cry baby and that his team flops, but there is no denying he is a GREAT ambassador for the game. He is one of the reasons for the big turn around of Team USA Basketball (another being the quality of players). I will say a prayer for him as surgery is a scary thing at any age but espically at his. I do not agree with the Allen suspension being a single game, but Coach K knows the kid and situation better than I so who am I to 2nd guess the all time winningest coach?
  21. The Regional Tournament in the 7th Region is often as good if not better than many State Tournaments as it pits teams that know each other well and normally has the best basketball in the state competing.
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