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  1. Tough game with a lot of fouls and there could have easily been more on both teams. FD must have played 14-15 players. Some big rebounds by Wellman and Philpot helped GRC take the lead back in the 4th.
  2. Definitely an odd ending with #24 getting his second T and being ejected as time expired. Not sure I have every seen that before especially without the free throws being shot. Very tough, physical game. Frankfort never subbed until #44 fouled out well into the fourth quarter.
  3. Not completely sure about fans coming out of the stands on the "Clark" side but I do know that there were several Mason fans sitting on the first row or two on that side. Also from the court looking into the "Clark" side the left end of the stands had a fair amount of Mason blue. Just like at the Fieldhouse Mason fans ring the floor.
  4. Igo and Brock should be a show. GRC wins a close one with their size advantage in Hardiman.
  5. My family's thoughts and best wishes are with you during this difficult time.
  6. My view at the game was pretty much the same angle as the official who made the call. At the time I thought it might be a walk then after seeing the videos I am confident it was a walk. However I am a GRC fan so that is what I wanted to see just as some are as certain it wasn't because they don't want it to be. It is a very weak defense to argue that even if it was a walk it was not the trailing officials call to make. Redundancy is a part of the three official concept so they will make out of area calls occasionally. What would be nice to know is what the other two officials did or did not see and whether they opted to swallow their whistle. It is a shame that an otherwise great final game will always be remembered for this one call.
  7. I believe some GRC players, including starters, may be out tonight with the flu.
  8. Nice win! Keep us updated on Israel's injury. Would hate to see him out for any extended period.
  9. Great game. Nice comeback by GRC late in the fourth with several clutch threes. Definitely one bizarre play by the refs when they signaled out of bounds to GRC and then handed it to Montgomery. Montgomery inbounded and had the ball almost to mid court before the third ref blew his whistle, stopped play and corrected. Congrats to Montgomery on a nice win.
  10. Two great games! Amazing what Coach Humphrey has gotten out of this vertically challenged group. They give it their all and play with a lot of heart. The GRC third quarter was as well played and coached stretch of high school basketball as you will see. Really liked Jones and King tonight. GRC just didn't have much left for the fourth quarter. Congrats to the Indians.
  11. In an odd coincidence GRC boys and girls have each lost to the defending state champions in double OT this month.
  12. Another way to be a one and done. But can anyone say they ever thought he was more than a hired gun for Prewitt's senior run.
  13. Haven't made it to as many games as usual this year but the ones that I have Blanton has been a horse inside. Nice win.
  14. GRC seems to have more than their share of bad 3rd quarters.
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