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  1. This game will be the game to work out the timeing of the long ball.
  2. Wow SK will be on the road come playoffs if they make it that far. Team not that good wow 35-0.
  3. Kendall Kramer 6-0 215 Scottie Turner 6-1 235 Tyler Schweitzer 6-0 215 Bryan Saunders 6-2 225 Kyle Thurston 6-2 235
  4. the only weak spot i could see on this HHS team is at QB and the grades of some of the player but i have been wrong before they are only 9th graders .
  5. This game is going to be a beat down and Highlands is going to do the beating. Highlands 49 Ryle 14 might be a running clock?
  6. 5 Boyle County 3 Belfry 3 Highlands 1 Warren Central 1 Tates Creek 1 Ballard 1 Oldham County 1 Covington Catholic 1 Dixie Heights 1 Bryan Station tb 48
  7. Talk about this school when the ALL A comes around then forget them .............. Most of the schools in NKY is lucky that there is this thing called the ALL A ......... Just not that good in NKY in round ball ........... Covington is in its own world ...........
  8. Hope i'm wrong but I think it's going to be a long year for the Frosh at HHS. Most of the better players did not even tryout from what I am told.
  9. If you got Frosh playing varsity you got problems unless the frosh is 16 or 17 years old.
  10. Make sure you take a photo of that HOF COACH BECAUSE IF WE HAD MORE LIKE HER THE 9TH WOULD BE A POWER .... N.D How many girls does that school have and nothing to show for it..... Let me see could it be COACHING :rolleyes:
  11. All you have to do is look at the COACHING in this one ... You have a group of I dont know what they are on one side :lol::lol: And on the other A HOF COACH so you guess ...........:popcorn::popcorn:
  12. This whole NKY area is down in all sports girls and guys ,For the girls I donot think there is one girl that can play D1 ball in the 9th , The guys only the Bulldogs have any body that can play D1 . In Football its way down Highlands keeps NKY in the news nobody else .Go on and try to prove me wrong but open your eyes and ask some of the guys that played in years past they will laugh at the way the kids play [ ITS JUCK] ......Now go ahead and take up for little jimmy and bobby jean LOL .......
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