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  1. I use generics all the time. They are the same drug as the brand-name, just don't have the advertising costs, etc. I DO watch where they are manufactured, though, because there is little or no oversight in some foreign countries, and purity can be an issue.
  2. It's about time. I've worked in a pharmacy for years. Not uncommon for someone to have a strong pain medicine. What I thought was uncommon was that WHOLE FAMILIES were on strong pain meds. They also would call before coming and ask what BRAND of certain drugs we had this week/month, because only certain brands of the generics would 'work' for them. I think in actuality, their CUSTOMERS preferred certain brands/colors/shapes of the pills to assure they were authentic.
  3. I'm just glad we didn't all fill out 'brackets' like the basketball Final Four! We'd all be hurting! Congrats to all who advance, and Good Luck to all the seniors who have to put their cleats away.
  4. Agreed. Have to play like a TEAM to pull thru this one.
  5. Keeps throwing me out even to 'turn the page'.
  6. Prayers from the 'wood. My sons played against him for years. Good role model. Now, sadly, the young kids get a real-life lesson from Coach Logan. Remember all he taught you and do him proud.
  7. Isn't there another thread about this game?
  8. Didn't she marry that John guy in her band? Or wasn't she married to him? Haven't heard too much from her in the past years. She's good, don't care which side of the plate she bats from.
  9. Thanks for the pics, PUP! Hard to imagine all this water and how many people in so many states are affected. In the last 18 months, school has been closed due to: wind, snow, ice, and now rain. Mother Nature can't throw too many other disasters our way! Hope not to find out! My thoughts are with all those affected by these recent storms. Hang in there and be safe!
  10. Agree! Just finished Wild Ride, by Jennifer Cruise and (somebody else, sorry!). It was a fun book. Murder mystery with a little sci-fi thrown in. I've got a pile of books waiting for me. Don't know what to pick.
  11. If you are coming to the game.....park in the lot in front of the new construction. (The regular parking lot) Walk in front of the school. Enter the double doors of the high school, then straight back that hallway and out the back double doors to the baseball gate. Construction around here is making it interesting, to say the least. It will all be good in the end. Until then, thought I'd post how to get to the field to save some aggravation. Good Luck to both teams. Should be a perfect day for some baseball.
  12. Grandma and Grandpa. My kids call my parents Nana and PawPaw. The other side is Grandma and Grandpa.
  13. What grade is this young man? Our family has been through this. From experience, I'll say, "follow the dr's orders TO THE LETTER." Best of luck.
  14. Want: any Southeastern Coastal area. Don't: any cold clime.
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