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  1. Villa Madonna is looking very strong this year, are possible regional contenders.
  2. I totally agree with everyone but a rule is a rule. Going in to any game there is a chance that this may happen. Yeah it worked out in the Colonels favor but thats the game of baseball. I'm sure Ryle is upset that it happened this way, as the Colonels would be, but a rule is a rule and you cant change the rule just because it was a close/tie game. What if the Colonels or Raiders were up 9 to 1 when the game got called? Then would people still say its unfair? What if their bats were just coming alive? Its all part of the game of baseball and a rule is a rule. :jump:
  3. [/b] You can say the same thing for dixie as well. One of the top pitching rotations in the region in my opinion. With Smallwood, Stansberry, Berney, Leon, Sexton, even Klei and Paskal, also great pitchers. I dont know any other team that has a deep pitching rotation as Dixie has. Should be in interesting one tonight! :dancingpa
  4. Yeah who cares. Get out of here if your going to talk about something almost 5 months away.
  5. Stansberry will be throwing for the Colonels. Will Gerwe be throwing?
  6. Should be a very good game. It always is between these two teams. Any thoughts or predictions for this one?
  7. Stansberry will start the game for the Colonels.
  8. Final. This game happened on 4/5 and was just brought to my knowledge that the rule is if a game gets postponed in the middle of an inning then the final ruling on the score goes back a full inning. And at that time Dixie Heights was winning 2-1. Good game by both teams.
  9. Smallwood threw good. Giving up only 2 hits and 4 runs. Walks killed him though. He K'd I think 8.
  10. And he came from Puerto Rico, thats why he flew under the radar.
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