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  1. I guess you had to be there for the end to decide :thumb: Maybe I could also be a little one sided:sssh:
  2. I think he has the second most rushing yards in school history, many of them coming his junior season when they made it to the third round of the playoffs.
  3. 1996 3A Playoffs- Conner beats Cov Cath 29-28. I think Bill Samad rushed for nearly 300 yards after rushing for almost 300 the week before against Greenup County.
  4. Austin Pugh, Michael Gill, John Roberts, and Parker Ryle are in the games for Conner.
  5. Conner definately needs to step up their defense. They had quite a few errors today.
  6. Yes. Last year it poured during the tournament and all the games were played. They were pushed back significantly, but they still got them all in.
  7. The only time Fogle started during the season was when Conner had West on the mound.
  8. Boone vs. Conner for the championship. Any thoughts? I am willing to bet that Deno will be pitching for Boone.
  9. So the eight teams playing in the regional tournament will be Bellvue, Boone, Conner, Cov Cath, Dixie, Holy Cross, Newport, and St. Henry? Correct?
  10. So it's Dixie vs. St. Henry in the Championship?
  11. Boone and Conner! Conner hit the cover off the ball and a great pitching performance doesn't hurt either. Congrats to the Cougars and good luck in the championship and at region.
  12. This is the fourth match up between the Cougars and Raiders this year. The last two games were both pretty close (one went into extra innings). Any thought on who takes this game and why?
  13. Ben Wigger from Conner also plays for Pikeville. Congrats to James on continuing his baseball career.
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