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  1. Does someone want to fill us in on what happened in this game? I was expecting something to jump out on the stat sheet but I see Newport only shot 35%, had more turnovers, and was out rebounded 31-23. How in the heck did they come within a free throw of sending CCH home?
  2. Wowza! Nice job Colonels......Way to crush them on the boards!
  3. Someone asked me today whether this game would be broadcast in N.Ky on a cable channel. Does anyone have any idea?
  4. I just took a peak at the picture of the bullet holes and a couple of things kind of stand out. All four are in the upper half of the windshield. The girl was struck in the chest area. And the hood on that car (Subura?) is very very tiny.....I wish we had video of how the deputy was "riding" on the hood.
  5. ? I agree the home plate umpiring was a mess. The strike zone changed inning to inning and batter to batter. All you ask is that they define their strike zone and stick to it. That guy was all over the map. Hopefully they come up with someone for the championship game that is familiar with the term "consistent".
  6. Wow...what a a game! Dixie scores 2 with two out in the bottom of the seventh. Ethan Harrison with a walk off bloop single.
  7. I wish we had video of the whole encounter but unfortunately we don't. There are many questions and unknowns that will all come out eventually. I know if I ended up on the hood of a car and it started to accelerate, my first instinct would be to jump off. No idea if that was an option in this case, but just what I would attempt to do.
  8. I've seen them a few times over the years. Always a good show and Jack Blades knows how to work a crowd. If I'm in town that weekend, I may have to drift out to Independence to see the boys.
  9. Hard to believe, but these guys will be playing Aug 31st at St Cecilia's Festival in Independence.
  10. Who pitched for each team and where do they rank in the pitching rotation...1,2,3 etc?
  11. Interesting....when's the last time it was 3 consecutive days? Pitching depth will be crucial.
  12. So if any intoxicated witnesses testify in favor of the deputy and confirm his report, we should toss it out??? If I'm the deputy, I want as many witnesses as possible intoxicated or sober to back up my story. The best wiitnesses imo seem to be the pedestrians that were pleading for the driver to stop (heard in the report). They should be excellent sources.
  13. Here's where I saw it.... Timeline: Deputy's account of Samantha Ramsey's fatal shooting | WLWT Home - Local News
  14. Thanks. Just saw the picture. The report says "driver's window"...I guess windshield would've helped me out.
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