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  1. I agree, neither Bledsoe or Orton were ready last year, but Orton wasn't thinking clearly apparently and Bledsoe had to go because of family money issues. Bledsoe did not necessarily want to go, but had to because he needed the money. With that being said, UK being this close to a championship only helps I think. Makes them want to come back and get another. Unfortunately, I think both Jones and Knight are gone.
  2. I am a student at UK and won the lottery as well. Dad took off work and grabbed a ticket. Were about 2 and a half hours outside of Houston now! Its been a long drive. Go Big Blue!
  3. Walton seems to be hit or miss from the games I have been to when it comes to free throws. Either pretty darn good or pretty bad, rarely in between but I don't go to all the games. Your right Sportsguy they should be one of the favorites IMO in the All A. I am certainly looking forward to the game against Gallatin. The All A game last year at Walton between those two was incredible. Travis Davis was hitting threes from everywhere.
  4. $3 Dollars for parking? Come on if your going to complain about something make it something bigger and more relevant than 3 dollars to park. From the long post by Mustang earlier Brossart is working their butts off and doing everything they can to make this a great tournament and I think they will do a great job. If the 3 dollars for parking is really eating at you, park across the street in a neighborhood and walk to Regents and enjoy some great basketball.
  5. Hm so Walton Verona is ranked 31 and NDA is ranked 27. Yet Walton beat them pretty badly not all that long ago.
  6. If you notice, I said the cheering section showed a lack of class. The coach isn't exactly part of the cheering section. I have no problem with the faculty and staff at GC, all I said was the cheering section showed an extreme lack of class tonight. Nothing more nothing less, but like someone said earlier lets get back to the game. Hargett had a big game it looks like, was this his high game points wise of the year?
  7. Zach Barnett. The only player on the Cru's varsity team with any varsity experience going into this season. Definitely hurts not having him as their record obviously shows.
  8. Just to clear things up, during the 1st game of the year SK also had a few signs that were a little innpropriate as well. I can't say who started it and it really doesn't matter, just making sure WV doesn't get all the blame for that game. You are correct though, both schools student sections are usually bigger for games between these two than any other regular season games of the year, and after being at both games and seeing how tight both were, I can understand why.
  9. Your joking right? Obviously you don't know the story but thats not the point. Walton rarely has a huge cheering section not being a very big school, but if you can name a time they have shown a lack of class I'd love to here it.
  10. ^^ No. Big and much needed win for the Bearcats. Total lack of class shown by the Grant County cheering section at the end of the game. Total lack of class.
  11. He is a very good player, and only a freshman at that. Should be fun to watch when he gets older.
  12. Brockman is the teams best defender.. If they blanked him withouit Brockman I doubt he would do a whole lot more if he had played. Once again, SK did win the game and I'm not trying to take anything away from that fact, I just think the outcome would have been different if Sullivan and Brockman played. But a win is a win and congrats to SK.
  13. So your telling me with 2 of WV's 3 best players out they don't make up a 5 point deficit? Im not taking anything away from SK, Sampson can shoot the lights out and the press really hurt Walton, but if they both play Walton wins this game. No doubt about it.
  14. SK's press gave Walton some trouble early and late in the game. McNeil couldn't be stopped in the first half. Sullivan and Brockman both being out obviously hurt Walton, different outcome if both or either of them play.
  15. Did you happen to see the last game? Everyone said SK would win handily, and IMO they should have lost that game. Walton is alot better than everyone gives them credit for and I would not be surprised if they win this game. It will not be a blowout I can almost guarentee you that.
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