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  1. This did happen and if I remember right they forgot to take it home with them.
  2. Had an uncle play on that first team. I was 7 and remember going to the games. This is for the THEOLDGUY did we play Highlands that year.
  3. I know CovCath has completed it schedule. I believe they replaced Grant with a school out of Indy
  4. Moved back to Dixie because the jellyfish who runs covcath. The Scott Co coach. said he would not play under those lights so covcath let him set the schedule.
  5. Just a heads up for those of you traveling up 75. There is construction north of 275 on 75, I would give yourself extra time. Traffic can back up to Florence.
  6. Wilmington are the one's that did not want to renew the series. And I am not sure who you meant by who got destroyed but Covcath won in 2015 and Wilmington won on a last second shot last year by the Cumberland kid. And if someone got destroyed in was Wilmington in the both the Freshman and JV games
  7. Just received a text from someone who has seen Brian. He is no longer in a coma and according to the text "looks good for what he has been through" Also many of his classmates, many traveling hours where at the hospital on Saturday. On Sunday over 20 of his classmates plus many parents where at St. Agnes for 9:30 mass. With news we received last night and today do not under estimate the power of prayer.
  8. Just talked to a parent and they have not heard anything official about game being moved to Dixie
  9. I have not talked or heard about anyone who is not very positive about CovCath football. Noone thought this team was going to be world beaters,they are on the young side and are learning a new system with the toughest schedule in the Ky. CovCath can very well win 5 of the next 7 games.
  10. Wow sad state for Dixie. But as usual CovCath does a poor job of updating there web site
  11. Dixie freshman are schedule to play CovCath on Thursday. I have not seen or heard anything that the game is cancelled.
  12. When by in late July and there was new sign called the Public House A week later the sign was gone
  13. First of all, when I said no more Beechwood games, I was not talking about playing the game in the future. I was talking about a coaching staff that blamed the kids for the lost to Highlands. A staff that was pitting the offense against the defense, had a player tell me that it was like they wanted us to fight. Sitting players or calling them stupid for suggesting plays even thought they where told to so if they saw something. There was a lot that happened that week that played into a team that was not ready to play, also losing your QB early didn't help.Yes Beechwood came to play and took it to CovCath and earn the win. The team chemistry was disrupted by the coach staff, this was a close net team and they circled the wagon around each other. I had a chance to talk to many player after the season and I was shocked to hear what was going on before and after that game. I was disappointed when Coach Wirth left, but the more I talked to the kids and parents he maybe should have been fired after the Beechwood game or a least a couple of coaches. That why I said in other post the attitude is 180 deg from last year.
  14. In my opinion the student body has not earn the right to call themselves " crazies" the last couple of football seasons.Now part of the problem has been playing on Saturdays. There has been conflicts, I know that a least one game a group of seniors have been on retreat, there are soccer games and other school events that are held on Saturday so as not to conflict with Friday football. But that being said, I think the support for team has been sub-par. Even with all the conflicts there should be 200 plus student at every home game and 100 plus at away games.
  15. Have talked to a few parents and players, they say the attitude is a 180 deg. from the last couple of years. The coach are very positive, there is no belittling of players.The players are in the best shape they have ever been, The playbook is very simple, I was told there is 6 basic play but with a handful of options off of them.Now will this equal more win, who knows, but I bet there will be no more Beechwood games.
  16. Jake may not be playing but dad is coaching freshman football
  17. For Sure. The last few years they have been out of balance at QB with no depth at the JV level. If they lost a QB, which has been a problem, they had to cancel JV games. This year they are playing 9 to 10 JV games so both of them will get good minutes at QB
  18. I have heard that Ben France has looked very good at QB also. Talked to a couple of players who said that if something happen to AJ , they would not lose a beat with Ben
  19. I have talked to maybe 30 people about the new logo and only 2 liked it. The field looks great.
  20. Any word on how the backup QB's are doing? Heard AJ look good in the first 7on7
  21. You are thinking of Sam who had 30 TD's in his career. It is disappointing that Ben is not playing, I think he was a very nice player that would have helped this team next year. I heard that a combination of injuries and problems with the last coaching staff soured him on football.
  22. I know CovCath has had a week of spring practice any word on how thing or going?
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