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  1. Do you use live bait? We used alewives over the summer.
  2. Visited the lake on the 24th and were shut out. Soaked about 25 noodles for about 4 hours and tried other methods but nary a bite all day.
  3. Any Uber drivers on BP? If so, how much are you making? Any major concerns?
  4. I fished at a Norther Kentucky farm pond a couple of weeks ago and my wife spotted what looked to be tiny jellyfish near the banks. They were less than an inch from edge to edge but looked just like what you see at the aquariums. Moved the same too. What could they have been?
  5. Anyone been out to Taylorsville Lake recently? I assume the lake has turned already. Going to try to catch some cats in the next few weeks.
  6. Anyone been to Branson? Not sure what to expect. I'm hoping somewhat like Gatlinburg used to be 20 years ago. I know they have lots of shows I can see but probably won't do that.
  7. I've got a SCCY CPX2 and it's a nice concealed carry weapon.
  8. I had frozen them in water. Grilled them with Teriyaki marinade Sunday night and they were incredible! Thanks for your comments!
  9. I have quart bags of striper frozen (in water). If I thaw them out on Thurs/Friday in the refrigerator, will they still be good to grill on Sunday or is that too long being thawed?
  10. Cumberland Striper Charters - Cumberland Striper Charters | Welcome to Lake Cumberland I recommend this company highly.
  11. State Dock. The guide will pick you up from anywhere on the lake though.
  12. I love it! Use it to watch college basketball games that are only streaming on the internet. Push to the TV and I'm good to go.
  13. Went with a Striper charter on Cumberland last Thursday. Got our limit (and 8 keeper cats) but the fourth striper took a while to find. Fished with planer boards at depths of between 30-48'. Fished with 1-1.5 oz egg sinkers that stopped at a swivel. Had a 5' leader (20lb flourocarbon mono) with a circle hook with alewifes as bait. Each hook had a little black plastic disc on it that apparently kept the bait from moving too far up the hook. Not sure what hook size we used. Rest of the line was 20lb monofilament. Trolled at very slow motor speeds. Lost lots of bait due to gar (half the bait would be missing). Rained most of the morning but caught more in the rain (between 6AM and 8:30AM) than when it stopped.
  14. Can anyone identify the manufacturer of this planer board on the rod in the background?
  15. Thomas More College usually has pretty good camps. My daughter may be working it again this summer!
  16. Thoughts? They are open, but say their "Grand Opening" won't be for another few weeks. They say they have about half their inventory of ammo in. I was expecting it to be more on the level of Bud's in Lexington, but it isn't as big and doesn't carry as much in the way of accessories as Bud's does.
  17. Sounds like some of you know about the situation and it happened many years ago. Sorry if I don't remember or was out of the loop at the time. So it was a coach?
  18. Does anyone know about this situation? Apparently he was a referee at the recent Cov Cath/New Cath game. Word has it that as part of his punishment for the assault he had to go through referee school. Now he's a referee.
  19. I saw the Lady Saints play Saturday and they looked pretty good. Several new faces to get used to so they'll improve even more as the season goes on. I doubt if any team in the PAC will give them any trouble.
  20. Anyone know why Ellie Collins didn't see the floor much or at all?
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