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  1. You don't know how much drama Proms cause for softball players. Seems like every year they conflict with softball and some coaches are not real happy that players miss for prom. I may be the biggest blow hard softball guy in the area but I say let the girls go coaches!! Lawnboy is to cheap to buy her one dress the poor girl probably has to cut grass to get a dress!!
  2. You guys keep picking on my Bulldogs we are going to have trouble...Was Jones unable to pitch...We might change your name from the Panda's to the Bullies!! Just kidding nice district win. Will there be NKY team beat NDA this year?
  3. I am only coming to HS games where the parents have a cooler full of beer and chicken wings for me!! Not sure about the Pete Noll. Think I might just jump in car and head to SC to watch some ball. Good luck to both teams.
  4. Hard to believe that there are 34 teams in the state better than any NKY team. Didn't NDA do fairly well at state last year.
  5. My guys (or girls) in green cant be real happy with this result. Who the heck is this Carson Murray...Sounds like a playa!!!
  6. Ok, my version of the Top Players in NKY. Let the bashing continue. 1. Haylee Smith 2. Hannah Dossett 3. Shelby Graybill 4. Dallis Knotts 5. Laura Finke 6. Elizebeth Sims 7. Kennedy Baugh 8. Ali Crupper 9. Sydney Himes 10. Casey Kohls 11. Brooke Dossett 12. Jessica Koors 13. Bella Steine 14. Danielle Nicholson 15. Abby Jones 16. Hayley Coffey 17. Hannah Thacker 18. Kristen Schrieber 19. Karlie Shackelford 20. Brooke Garrett 21. Mary Beth Odom 22. Maria Schaefer 23. Whitney Quillen 24. Gabby Stewart 25. Michaela Ware Sorry for any misspellings. Keep in mind this is the JMU version. It's not my job to know who all the best players are. I get my information by watching some games, talking to others that watch games, looking at box scores etc. I know I clearly don't have it right but I don't have too!!!
  7. You should see him trying to catch when Maddy and Shelby took infield....If I would have had video it would have been priceless. Sorry Meatpuppy!!
  8. Nice, that's a means something coming from you bc that little Coffey girl can play the position as well!! Coaching is the only thing holding her back!!!
  9. What's everyones thoughts on Ryle this year. Since Softballfan burned that bridge we hear little to nothing about them. In the past I would say Ryle was the most hated team in NKY mainly bc they beat the crap out of everyone. But now that they no longer sit on top of the region (at least not at this moment) and with the coaching change will people still view them in the same way that they have in the past?
  10. Never seen her play (that I remember) but I am sure glad a girl that wants to play the game can come back for her senior year.
  11. That's the same list your parents would post. NICE!!!
  12. Little up date for anyone interested. Rpi came out this week and JMU checked in at 26 which is a big number for us....unless we fall on our face the next month that number should get us into regionals without having to win our conference. Of course winning the conference is always the first goal. They are #26 in the NFCA poll and #27 in the ESPN poll. Rankings | NCAA.com
  13. Ok, let's make this fun...if you add one you have to take someone off. I am probably the only one that has the guts to do that!!
  14. Yeah she should be on there somewhere but pitchers get enough credit!!! (Yes most deserve all of it)
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