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Northern Kentucky Regional Contest Results (Week #3)


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Here are the results for this week's Northern Kentucky Regional contest. As always, the results won't be final for 24 hours. All contestants should use that time to check their score for errors. After that time period has passed, the contest is final and the winner should use the following link to claim the prize of choice. If you think your score is incorrect, please send me a PM and I will look into your claim.


Click here to claim your prize



Results of the games in this week's contest:


Cooper 54, Scott 6

Owen County 45, Gallatin County 23

Simon Kenton 31, Dixie Heights 28

Roger Bacon 20, Campbell County 7

Boone County 17, Scott County 6



First off, my apologies for being so late in posting these results. Besides being a very busy holiday weekend, I did actually post them once late Sunday night and butchered them up fairly well (mixed up the results of the Owen Cty./Gallatin Cty. game) and had to have the thread pulled. Thanks to the numerous contestants who brought it to my attention.


Anyways, after recalculating them, it turns out we had quite a few perfect scores - 9 to be exact. Four people correctly picked Cooper as the high scorer of the week, so we went to our second tiebreaker (time of entry). The winner was pretty easy to determine, as he was the first person to enter his predictions last week.


Congrats to . . . . . . .:dancingpa

18 raiderbird


18 catnthehat


18 mcpapa

18 #5

18 czar

18 jumperdad

18 averagejoesgym

18 nees1212

17 zebraman

17 goldsunrise

17 frankthetank

17 westsider

17 yahoo11

17 papapigskin

17 thegeneral

16 thenamerobdigity

16 pirate1960

16 colonelswearblue

16 neerfan

16 gopurpleflash

15 grizzlyadams

15 newarkcatholicfan

15 stickermann

15 pawprint

15 that'spat

15 FC

15 fastfightfinish


13 bigJ

13 uk#1fan

13 plantmanky

13 rebelrollers

13 dragonfire

13 thunderbird

12 oxnard

12 gchs_uk9

12 realitycheck

12 commander25

11 thatguy21

11 jackofalltrades

9 gary

9 afi100guy

8 grizzly33

8 rebel

8 houseofpain

7 fishhead

5 eagle4life

4 loyalfan

4 coachg13207

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