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Updates on Little league state tourneys


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13-14s playing state tourney at South Laurel. I have no dog in this hunt so can try to be impartial as to what happened this evening.


Final 3 was Richmond, Bowling Green and Belfry. Belfry eliminated after forfeit this evening.


Bowling Green led Belfry 1-0 in the 6th inning. Belfry only had 9 players healthy. A Belfry batter strikes out, throws his bat and is ejected. Belfry is forced to forfeit as they only had 8 players eligible and healthy to play.


Honestly, I don't believe the batter would have been tossed if some of the fans didn't already have the umpire already on the ledge. The pitcher for Belfry showed amazing class for a 13-14 year old kid. There was going to be no shaking of hands after this one, but the pitcher for Belfry, .. in tears, ... stood on the field with his hand out ready to shake hands with the Bowling Green team. Even the BG fans stood up and cheered for this kid. Then, the teams did shake hands. Not only was this kid a great pitcher, but apparently a very solid young man.


Hats off to this young man in all the madness, he showed true class and did the right thing.


Looks like Richmond vs Bowling Green in the finals on Friday.

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