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Statewide Rankings - Week 10

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First the Media poll:

1. Great Crossing (16 FPV)
2. Lexington Catholic
3. Newport [Up 2]
4. Trinity [Down 1]
5. Lyon County [Down 1]
6. Covington Catholic
7. St. Xavier
8. Bowling Green [Up 1]
9. George Rogers Clark [Up 2]
10. Evangel Christian [Up 1]
T-11. Harlan County [Down 3]
T-11. Manual [Down 1]
13. North Oldham
14. Frederick Douglass [Up 3]
15. Bryan Station [Down 1]

Others receiving votes: DeSales 26, Woodford County 23, Henderson County 7, Ashland Blazer 6, Cooper 6, Bell County 3, Boyd County 3, Henry Clay 2, Oldham County 2, Hazard 1, North Hardin 1.

*Frederick Douglass joines the top 15 while Woodford County moves out.  Frederick Douglass being 15th over a Bryan Station team that has beaten them twice was... a choice.  I get they beat Harlan County, but they JUST lost to Bryan Station.

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*Great Crossing remains the unanimous #1 in the state, rated by each poll at the top and by every voter in the media poll.

*35 teams were rated in at least one poll, down three from a week ago.  

*Walton-Verona was the only new team to be rated, coming in at #24 in Nations Elite.  Butler, Corbin, Lawrence County, and South Laurel all dropped out.  

*We were down to seven unicorns this week (teams rated by only a single outlet).  The amount dropped some as the media poll jumped back up to 26 teams being ranked this week, compared to 20 last week.  Walton-Verona was one, joined by Ashland (Media 19), Danville Christian (KYHSZ 21), Lloyd Memorial (KSR 22), Butler County (KYHSZ 23), Oldham County (Media 23), and Elizabethtown (Nations Elite 25).  Ashland was a unicorn for a second week in a row, but oddly not by the same outlet. They were #21 in Nations Elite a week ago, but dropped from those ranks while added to the media.  Lloyd Memorial, Butler County, and Elizabethtown were also each unicorns last week, rated by the same outlets again.  They believe in them!

*17 teams were rated by every outlet, up one from last week:

Great Crossing
Lexington Catholic
Lyon County
Covington Catholic
Bowling Green
Evangel Christian
St. X
North Oldham
George Rogers Clark
Harlan County
Bryan Station
Frederick Douglass
Henderson County
Woodford County

*Nations Elite reversed some of the strange choices of a week ago, pushing Manual and George Rogers Clark into their poll.  The two teams I noted a week ago that were in while those two were out were South Laurel and Corbin - they're both gonzo this week.  Nations Elite is still way, way behind on where George Rogers Clark is ranked compared to every other outlet - 21st while no one else has them lower than 11th - but at least they're in this time.  

*Henderson County has the honor for wides variance in their ranks this week, which an incredible 17 spots in between their highest to low rank.  Their high of 7th comes from - who else - Nations Elite, while Kentucky  High School Sports Zone has them 24th, and Martin Media just ahead of that at 23rd.  It seems a road win over Lyon County can only take a team so far.  Of course, they also just nearly lost to Webster County in overtime.

*I touched on it a bit for the media poll section, but I find it odd that Frederick Douglass was rated ahead of Bryan Station in half of the polls.  And two of the others had them very close to Bryan Station (which is fine).  Head to head isn't everything, and the margin of loss against Manual wasn't great.  But Manual IS a top 20 team everywhere AND Bryan Station has beaten Frederick Douglass.  TWICE. The second time was a mere two weeks ago.  Just seems odd to have so many rating Frederick Douglass ahead.  Two of them did it by five spots.

*Big Things Kentucky only ranks 20 teams, so not having DeSales in is not completely egregious, but it was still a little surprising given they were 16th a week ago.  DeSales played only one game in between ranks - they won.  Odd to drop them all the way out.  They were the only ranking to have them below 16th, in fact.

*Cooper was another notable omission for Big Things Kentucky, joined by Martin Media in leaving them out.  Cooper is rated no lower than 19th in any of the other four rankings.  Cooper is closing in on a month since their last loss, a stretch that includes a road win over Covington Catholic.

*Nations Elite rated Fairdale 12th.  Three of the six rankings had them out entirely.  

*Martin Media rated Henry Clay 15th (never give up Martin Media...). Three of the six rankings had them out entirely.

*Big Things Kentucky had North Oldham ranked 4th, while no other outlet ranks them higher than 11th.  

*Only three teams in the consensus top 5 this week, as Lyon County drops out of that group.  Great Crossing, Lexington Catholic, and Newport were not only top 5, but top 3 in every single ranking.  The consensus top 10 had those three plus Lyon County, Covington Catholic, Bowling Green, and St. X this week, giving us seven consensus in the top 10, up two from a week ago.  Trinity narrowly missed, ranked 11th by Martin Media. A lot of agreement at the top this week.



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