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Lexington Catholic 81 Rose Hill 60

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Final. I have no details but Rose Hill was very much in the game past the midway of the third quarter. However, foul trouble caused a lot of time on the bench for Britt Faulkner and some for Laura Terry. Lady Royals needed all three on the floor to have a chance at a win.


Nonetheless, a game with the nationally ranked Lady Knights will only help the team in March. It is certainly better than playing only the locals.


Green for LexCath was outstanding and if anyone had any doubts, Terry and Queen showed that they can play well against anyone. LexCath doesn't appear to be as deep as last year. However, I stand by my earlier posts. They are the best in the Commonwealth. But, if Rose Hill plays as it did for almost three quarters tonight, they will compete well in the region.

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Wireman, I looked for you at the game but there was no one on the LexCath side wearing Vikingette sweats. Nonetheless, you would have been a welcome guest.


Your constant insults and "Vikingette" references make me laugh. Perhaps you could talk about the game besides working overtime to stir the pot.

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Queen: 22 pts, 7/15 (includes 2/4 3ptrs), 6/7 free throws, 10 rebs, 3 asts, 3 blks, 6 trnovrs


Terry: 29 pts, 11/16 (includes 3/5 3ptrs), 2/2 free throws, 6 rebs, 2 asts, 3 blks, 9 trnovrs


Faulkner: 1 pt, 0/6 (includes 0/1 3ptrs), 1/2 free throws, 1 rebs, 7 asts, 7 trnovrs


Dundon: 8 pts, 4/7, 2 rebs


At some point, someone is going to have to realize that the game is not a horserace, slow it down when need be, limit the one-on-one playground moves, cut the turnovers to a reasonable number, pass into better shot selections, and take better advantage of mismatches inside when we get them. There...I feel better.


Actually, I hope much was learned this evening about what a team effort can accomplish. An effort like that can get the Lady Royals back to Richmond and maybe, just maybe back to Bowling Green.

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