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Wolfe Vs. Breathitt predictions?

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The wolves haven't won many games this year. They were pumped for the Lee Co. game. Winning that game was almost as exciting for them as winning a tournament game! Unfortunately, that could result in a let-down and they may well come out flat for the Breathitt game. I think Breathitt will probably win the game but I don't think they will win "by as many as they want".

Although the Wolves have lost several games they have played some teams close. Owsley beat them but Wolfe pulled to within 5 in the 4th quarter before youth and inexperience let the game get away. They were able to pull to within 3 of Magoffin In the 4th. Again youth and inexperience resulted in a loss.

As far as finding someone to score for them, it is true that they don't have a dominant scorer. However, being a more ballanced team isn't necessarily a bad thing. They have been led in scoring by at least 4 (I think 5 but don't have my stats close to hand) different players in different games. For example, B. Campbell scored 25 against Owsley, D. Hays led the scoring against Lee. In several games there were 2, 3, or 4 players in double figures.

They do need to to get better production from their inside players but that seems to be improving. So, although I think Breathitt will win, Wolfe could make it close if they can avoid coming out flat, play as a team, play good defense, and get a few breaks. That's a lot to ask, huh?

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