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  1. Neither team shot very well from the field or stripe. Either team could have pulled away if their shooting percentage had been even a little better.
  2. Wolfe county played with intensity on both defense and offense. Breathitt seemed somewhat lackadaisical. Even the Breathitt fans looked subdued. Maybe there was a little overconfidence on Breathitt's part?
  3. I don't know what Campbell scored but I heard that Dylan Hayes scored 39!
  4. Wolfe led most of the way but Oneida did lead by a few late in the game. For a time Oneida couldn't seem to miss. Wolfe picked up their defense at the end and began hitting shots.
  5. We awakened to 7 inches of snow in Wolfe Co. this A.M. The roads are too dangerous to travel.
  6. I didn't get a chance to attend. How did the team look?
  7. Having 11 good players in any class would be a nice problem to have. Some smaller schools would love this problem as some have trouble finding 11 total that can play varsity!
  8. Personally I don't like transfers that are all, or even partly, for the reason of participation in sports. I'm a fan of a small school team (county population of around 7000). Our county has no industry to speak of and is unlikely to attract outsiders "for reasons of employment" or for any other reason. As a result the team is home grown. These kids compete against one-another in elem. school and play together in middle school and high school. Every once in a while things come together and it looks as though the team has a chance to compete for the regional title. Unfortunately, there is a regional school that is located in a larger population center that has 1-2 talented players transfer in practically every year because their parents move to that area "for work". Due to this, in my opinion, the team I support looses it's chance to make a trip to Rupp. It's very disheartening to the kids and the fans. I'm sure there are many schools who face this sort of situation. Generally these are smaller schools with little chance of going to state. The fans of these schools will most likely never support the idea of transfers when these transfers seem to most often be tallented players to big schools with winning records! On the other hand, the fans of those teams who frequently benefit from transfers seem very supportive of the idea. I don't think arguing on here is likely to change many minds!
  9. Looks like Owsley is in for a rough year with the 2 Nobles leaving (if they do) and Evans going back to Wolfe. The Owls need a dedicated coach. Even an average one who would stay and develop upcoming talent would be better than a dozen great ones who all leave after one year. Who knows, a coach the kids can count on to stay may encourage more kids to come out and encourage those who do to work harder!
  10. Scratch, any stats for the other games or for any of the other under classmen?
  11. How many of you watched the games today? I saw some really good under classmen. 14th region basketball should be fun next season!
  12. When I attended ALC they were a 2 year school and there were around 80-90 students. During my time there they became a 4 year school and the enrollement rapidly increased.
  13. Wolfe played a good game. Did most everything they needed to do to win. Tied score at the end of the 3rd. Went cold in the 4th and Breathitt outscored them as stated above.
  14. Not quite the double digit, "easy" win that many predicted for Estill!
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