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9th Region Review Week 3

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9th Region Rankings Week 3

     1.Covington Catholic 

  • Head Coach: Scott Ruthsatz 
  • District 35
  • Current Record: 7-1

The Colonels had quite the week as they won all 3 of their games! To start off the week they took down Indian Hill from across the river pretty easily beating them by 19 points! Mitchell Rylee and Chandler Starks were the leading scorers in the contest at 17 and 13 for the colonels! The blue boys then traveled down to Louisville and took down powerhouse Trinity in a close game decided where they were able to hold on 51-50, sophomore point guard Evan Ipsaro lead the team with 14 points! Covington Catholic then played Highlands the very next night where they took home an impressive W where Starks and Rylee were just to dominate down low! The colonels schedule doesnt get any easier from last week as they take on St. Xaiver (Ohio) tomorrow night, Walton Verona the next night, and Conner Saturday night! The Colonels will probably be staying at my number 1 spot for a long time unless St. Henry is able to knock them off when they meet in late February! 


     2. St. Henry 

  • Head Coach: Dave Faust
  • District 34
  • Current Record: 6-1

The St. Henry basketball team only played 1 game this week as the other 2 were cancelled due to COVID-19! They battled Bishop Brossart @ home and came out on top with a 69-56 win! The Crusaders had a balanced scoring attack with Vieth and Bessler leading the way with 15 points each! They look to get back into the action this week as they take on Lloyd Memorial High School this Friday at home @ 7:30 PM! 


     3. Highlands 

  • Head Coach: Kevin Listerman 
  • District 36
  • Last season: 3-3

The Birds met a tough part of their schedule this week as they played Oldham County tuesday down there and took care of business 73-63. After starting off slow, the Birds were able to ramp it up in the 2nd half lead by 22 points from Sam Vinson, Harris and Muller added 12 each as well! The Bluebirds are shooting a team high 37.5% from 3 point land this year, and if they want to contend for region they will have to bump that up as we saw that this Saturday against a great team in Covington Catholic. They ended up losing the game 81-65 as they were not able to stop Starks and Rylee down low, Vinson had a team high 22 points and a couple impressive dunks in the loss! Bluebirds will have to figure it out if they want to contend! Birds take on Scott, Bellevue, and district rival NCC this week! 


     4. Beechwood 

  • Head Coach: Erik Goetz
  • District 35
  • Current Record: 6-1

The Beechwood tigers played twice this past week against Newport and CAL where they took care of business against both of them! In the Newport game they won 67-52 lead by Scotty Draud with 29 points and Downton with 17 points too! In the Christain-Academy Louisville game Draud was able to get 26 points off of 10/18 shooting! One thing that has impressed me with Mr. Draud this year is his high field goal percentage, people and colleges tend to knock him for not being an efficient scorer! His numbers from last year to this year has risen 10% and I believe he will be able to keep that up! Beechwood takes on a tough part of their schedule this week against Conner, Cooper, Aiken, and South Deaborn! 


    5. Dixie Heights

  • Head Coach: Roger S. Stainforth, II
  • District 34
  • Current Record: 5-2

Dixie played 2 games this week against Grant County and North Hardin where they took care of business against each team! In the Grant County game there were no stats besides the score where they beat them 69-29. There were no stats provided for the North Hardin game either besides the score at 64-57 in a close one. I have no idea on where North Hardin stands in their region, but they must be a tough team if they kept it to single digits with Dixie. Either way, its a solid road win for the red colonels! 



    6. Conner 

  • Head Coach: Matthew Otte 
  • District 33 
  • Current Record: 6-1

In last weeks action, Conner redeemed themeselves enough to move past Holy Cross in my rankings! They handled a tough Cooper team 55-40 where point guard Riley Osterbur scored a team high 18 points! The Cougars also took care of Lawrenceburg (Indiana) 64-46 where one of the best shooters in the region Spencer Couzins got it going with 14 points! on 3/5 from behind the arch. The Conner Cougars take on an extremely tough part of their schedule this week as the face off against Beechwood and Covington Catholic! 


 7. Holy Cross 

  • Head Coach: Brandon Grammar
  • District 35
  • Current Record: 3-3

Holy Cross did not play at all this week and they move back in my rankings one spot because of that, but I will say they had an impressive outing against St. Henry in the All "A" Classic from week 2! They plan to get back in the action against Newport this Thursday and head out to Walton Verona Saturday! 


8. Holmes

  • Head Coach: Bradford Carr
  • District 35 
  • Current Record: 3-4

The Bulldogs of Holmes took on 2 tough teams this week in NCC and St. Xaiver! They started off the week with a solid win against NCC 68-55 where Quantez Calloway dropped a 30 ball on 12/20 shooting! The Bulldogs then took on St. Xaiver (Louisville) @ home and lost in Overtime 72-67 in a hard fought battle! This Holmes team is gaining a lot of confidence and has impressed this year! I believe they will be a tough battle for either Beechwood, Holy Cross, or Covington Catholic in the district tournament! 


9. Ryle 

  • Head Coach: Keaton Belcher
  • District 33
  • Current Record: 4-2

Ryle moves back in my rankings because they were not able to play this week due to COVID-19! They had scheduled games against Cooper, Beechwood, Conner, and Boone County! It's a shame these games were not able to be played because these games would've told us a lot about Ryle and whether they could compete with some of the better schools in the region! They will be able to play Mason County February 2nd down in Mason County! 



  10. Cooper 

  • Head Coach: Tim Sullivan 
  • District 33 
  • Last Season: 1-2 

Cooper Jaguars were not able to play some of their games this week due to COVID-19 affecting their opponents including Ryle, but they were able to get in a game against Conner where they lost 55-40! They were lead by Jacob Deere with 14 points, Jaguars will have to step it up this year if they want to be a contender this year for getting into region! Cooper will look to get back on track against Beechwood, Grant County, and Holmes this week!  


 11. Newport Central Catholic

  • Head Coach: Ron Dawn
  • District 36 
  • Current Record: 2-3

NCC started off the week with a loss to Holmes! It got worse when COVID-19 hit the team and they were not able to play their games against St. Henry or Walton Verona tomorrow! However, it looks like they will be able to play against Highlands this Saturday which should be a good game considering the rivalry and NCC always plays well against Highlands! 


12. Newport

  • Head Coach: Rod Snapp 
  • District 36 
  • Current Record: 2-4

The Newport Wildcats went 1-1 this week battling Beechwood 67-52 lead by KeAndre Nelson with 23 points! They took on a stingy Boone County team and came out with a W 57-52 in a tight contest where Nelson and Alex Greene lead the team with 17 and 16 points! Wildcats take on Lloyd Memorial tomorrow in what should be a good one, then they take on Holy Cross and New Richmond (Ohio)! 


 13. Ludlow

  • Head Coach: Dan Sullivan 
  • District 34 
  • Current Record: 4-2

Ludlows opponets this week ran into COVID-19 this week and they were only able to play 2 games this week where they handled business against Calvary Christain in a close 74-72 where Liam Singer scored a team high 20 points, and teammate Ryan Gaiser scored 19 points! Thyey had another tight contest against Gallatin County 76-75 where Singer and Gaiser scored 23 and 22 for the panthers! This week, they take on Dayton and district opponent Dixie ! 


14. Lloyd Memorial 

  • Head Coach: Michael Walker
  • District 34
  • Current Record: 2-1

The Juggernauts have been hit by COVID-19 for about 2 weeks now and I am sure they are just itching to get back out on the court! They take on Newport and St. Henry this week! 



    15. Boone County 

  • Head Coach: Nathan Browning
  • District 33
  • Current Record: 1-4

The Boone Country rebels were finally able to get back out on the court after a long battle with COVID-19, but were not able to come out on top against Newport as they lost 57-52. Leon Cleary lead the rebels with 17 points along with Senior forward Parker Fields with 12!


     16. Dayton

  • Head Coach: Ron Kinmon
  • District 36 
  • Current Record: 1-3

The Dayton Green Devils were also able to play this week after they had a long battle with COVID-19! They took on Williamstown in which they lost in a close one 70-66. There were no stats provided from Dayton, but it was a good one from the looks of the score! The Green Devils play Ludlow this week in what should be a fun game to watch, and then play Trimble County and Bracken County! 


    17. Villa Madonna 

  • Head Coach: Trevor Gould 
  • District 34
  • Current Record: 2-3

Villa Madonna was also hit with COVID-19, but after a long haul with it, they look to get back out on the court against Heritage Academy tomorrow night, and then battle Boone County and Heritage County in what should be solid games! 


     18. Bellevue

  • Head Coach: Jim Hicks
  • District 36 
  • Current Record: 0-4

 Bellevue was hit by COVID-19 and look to get back out on the court against Covington Latin tomorrow! They will also take on Highlands in a district battle this week along with Calvary Christian! 


    19. Heritage Academy 

  • Head Coach: Jerry Miles
  • District 33 
  • Current Record: 0-3

Heritage Academy took a tough loss to Calvary Christian this week 75-37 where Keegan Kennedy scored 11 points! They take on Villa Madonna this week in what should be a good one! 


     20. Covington Latin

  • Head Coach: Joe Hornback
  • District 35
  • Current Record: 0-4

The Trojans took on St. Patrick this week and took a hard loss 69-23 where Jackson Richardson scored 10 points! They take on Bellevue tomorrow and take a long week off after that! 


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1 hour ago, colonel-fan said:

I know reasonable minds can disagree, but I find it interesting the BGP state rankings have St. Henry ahead of CovCath, while the Regional rankings have CovCath ahead of St. Henry. That should be a good matchup in a couple of weeks.

Yup I easily believe Cov Cath should be higher ranked then St. Henry, but maybe St. Henry’s win against Highlands and battle in OT with Lex Cath was to much not to put them above Cov Cath. Although, Cov Cath does have quite the schedule themselves. But I don’t see it that way especially after Colonels beat the breaks off Highlands with their domination down low and St. Henry winning off an unlucky pass and score from Highlands! It is what it is though, these 3 teams will be so much fun to watch in the region tourney assuming they all get there! 

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