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  1. Wilson Bibb (Sophomore), Bowman (Sophomore), Carson Schwalbach (Sophomore), Luke Schneider (Fresh), Ethan Phillips (Fresh) will be offensive line Noon's senior year IMO. Trevaughn Woods (Sophomore) will start on D-Line. There will be some other good lineman in the freshman class, just can't think of too many names right now. These kids need to be going both ways if they want to win a state championship, or put some of the better athletes on D-Line.
  2. You don’t know football brother, it’s designed to screw with the offensive lineman. Sure it’s not working amazingly considering the talent is not there, but that stuff has been going on for a while ever since Weinrich has been coaching 3-3 front Back in 09 maybe earlier, and you had never said anything before it because Defense was decent when Weinirch was on that side of the ball. In years passed whatever side of the ball BW was on was always the best. BW is on offensive side this year and Beheymer has taken over defense. Granted neither are very fun to watch because talent is not there, but BW is great X and Os coach. The 2 calls on 4th down were unbelievable though. the morale and overall mojo of Highlands football is down and has been down the past 5 years. This senior class lost a lot of good players because Hergott transferred. Only reason Vinson stopped playing is because he knew nobody would be able to throw him the ball his senior year. Buten didnt want to lay his body on the line for a team that would be sub par at best. Now to the future, this sophomore class combined with this freshman class is going to be insanely good, and I know people have said this in the past. But I’m telling you right now, even if BW does stay. It would be a disgrace if they didn’t win a state championship with current sophomores as Seniors.
  3. TD Hosea, 3 Touchdowns from sophomores. 21-11 Birds.
  4. Noon long TD run, should've started IMO. 11-7 Ryle
  5. Unbelievable and unacceptable that Highlands fumbles a handoff exchange inside their own 10 yard line. At least they held them to 3. Thanks 859Radio for calling the game.
  6. I’m going to take the Tigers in this one. I think Cov Cath will be to inexperienced to win this one seeing how they played against Dixie. I think Hergott will show why he should be #1 QB in NKY.
  7. Playing more kids both ways is not going to solve any of their problems IMO. From what I saw there problem was there secondary. I like South and Hartman getting some carries/plays here and there. I believe Roy went both ways, but Welch and Surrey are not going to make a difference at DB. Your not just going to be able to throw kids out there and let them make a difference in a spot like DB.
  8. Bright spot for the Birds was Charlie Noon in the 2nd half. Hopefully they continue to roll with him. He gets a little anxious in the pocket, but what do you expect from a sophomore who has his running ability. Hopefully the birds turn it on this year, Defense wasn’t bad , but secondary gave up to many big plays.
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