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BluegrassPreps.com 14th Region Week 3 Review

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1) Knott County Central (6-2):   Previous Rank: 1

This week: 1/26 vs. Letcher County Central*, 1/27 vs. Breathitt County, 1/29 at Wolfe County, 1/30 vs. Powell County.

The Patriots picked up two wins this past week defeating both June Buchanan 72-37 and Cordia 65-57. Knott County Central would fall on Saturday to North Laurel 101-79. 

2) Hazard (7-2):   Previous Rank: 2

This week: 1/29 vs. Perry County Central*, 1/30 at Leslie County*.

Since starting the season off 0-2, the Bulldogs have rallied for 7 straight wins. Three of those came this past week in easy convincing fashion. Hazard got the week started off by crushing region foe, Cordia by 30, 101-71. Hazard wouldn't have any problems out of the remaining two opponents for the week, Ligon COGO (Ligon) (KY Home School) 89-38 and Owsley County 75-32. The road gets a tougher this week.

3) Leslie County (4-2):   Previous Rank: 6

This week: 1/25 vs. Clay County, 1/28 at Letcher County Central, 1/30 vs. Hazard*

The Eagles got two impressive wins this past week, defeating Perry County Central 49-44 and crushing Buckhorn 74-51. We'll see just how good the Eagles are as their schedule for most of the rest of the season is difficult. 

4) Perry County Central (2-4):   Previous Rank: 5

This week: 1/26 vs. Clay County, 1/28 at Southwestern, 1/29 at Hazard*

The Commodores went 2-1 last week, falling to Leslie County 49-44 in a big 54th district matchup but bouncing back and picking up two wins, defeating Wolfe County 66-49 and Bell County 41-40. 

5) Wolfe County (3-4):   Previous Rank: 3

This week: 1/26 vs. Jackson City, 1/29 vs. Knott County Central

Wolves split their two games last week, falling 66-49 to Perry County Central but crushing district foe, Breathitt County 88-64. Wolfe County was hot, real hot from everywhere on the court when they crushed Breathitt County 88-64. Jaz Johnson led the Wolves with 34. 5/7 FG, 7/9 3PT.

6) Estill County (3-2):   Previous Rank: 6

This week: 1/25 vs. Wellspring Guardians (Richmond Home School), 1/26 at Lee County*, 1/28 vs. Buckhorn

The Engineers were scheduled for two games last week but the game with Trinity Christian was rescheduled for February 17th so that left Estill County with one game. A game that everyone looks forward to as it was Estill County and Powell County on Friday night in Stanton. It wasn't much of a contest as the Engineers routed the Pirates 62-24.

7) Breathitt County (5-2):   Previous Rank: 3

This week: 1/27 at Knott County Central, 1/28 at Jackson City*, 1/30 vs. Cordia.

Breathitt County split their two games last week, both were on the crushing side of things. Breathitt County crushed Buckhorn 83-51 but then got crushed by Wolfe County 88-64. 

8 ) Letcher County Central (5-2):   Previous Rank: 9

This week: 1/26 at Knott County Central*, 1/28 vs. Leslie County, 1/30 vs. Magoffin County.

With the three wins last week, Phelps (65-51 & 77-47) and Buckhorn 73-43, the Cougars have now won 4 straight and have all the momentum on their side. Can they keep it up this week? Two very big tests await them.

9) Buckhorn (3-5):   Previous Rank: 8

This week: 1/25 vs. Red Bird, 1/26 vs. Ligon (KY Home School), 1/28 at Estill County.

The Wildcats started off good but have hit a rough spot losing 4 straight. All blowout losses. Can they re-group and get things turned around this week?

10) Cordia (2-5):   Previous Rank: 10

This week: 1/25 at Floyd Central, 1/27 at Phelps, 1/30 at Breathitt County.

Cordia dropped all three games last week, 101-71 to Hazard, 65-57 to Knott County Central and 75-50 to Shelby Valley. With three more games coming this week, can the Lions turn the Lions Den around or will they continue to be over took? 

11) Owsley County (4-3):   Previous Rank: 11

This Week: 1/26 vs. Powell County*, 1/29 vs. Riverside Christian

The Owls continue to play good as they've won 3 of their last 4 games but the one loss was a big blowout loss to Hazard 75-32 last week. 

12) Lee County (4-6):   Previous Rank: 13

This Week: 1/26 vs. Estill County*, 1/29 vs. Powell County, 1/30 vs. Casey County & Williamsburg (Both on Same Day at Williamsburg).

Lee County went 1-2 last week, falling 66-60 to Owsley County and 72-46 to Phelps. Lee County would pick up a win over Jackson City 67-44.

13) Jackson City (1-2):   Previous Rank: 13

This week: 1/26 at Wolfe County*, 1/28 vs. Breathitt County*

The Tigers have lost two of their first three games to start the season. This week isn't any easier.

14) June Buchanan (3-7):   Previous Rank: 15

This Week: 1/25 vs. Ligon (KY Home School), 1/29 LIGHT (Danville KY Home School)

The Crusaders picked up two wins last week to help slow the bleeding down but the bleeding still continues.

15) Powell County (0-5):   Previous Rank: 14

This Week: 1/26 at Owsley County*, 1/29 at Lee County*, 1/30 at Knott County Central.

The Pirates continue to plummet as they seek their first win of the season. Can they find their grove this week or will the losses continue to pile up?

16) Riverside Christian (0-6):   Previous Rank: 16

This Week: 1/28 vs. Frankfort Christian, 1/29 at Owsley County*

The Rams still searching for the first win. When will it come? Their short season is coming to an end.


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