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Graves County at Owensboro Predictions/Updates (5A Playoffs)


Eagles vs. Red Devils  

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Eagles get another crack at slowing high octane O

Owensboro looks primed to claim its third straight district title, but counting the chickens before they've hatched in this topsy-turvy season could prove foolish, especially if the birds in question aren't chickens at all, but rather Eagles.

Graves County outgained the Red Devils in yardage on October 16th, but fell three scores shy where it matters most, the scoreboard. Clint McKee played well against Owensboro that night. He's 5A's leading rusher and the engine that makes the Eagles soar. But we saw this last year, as well (McKee runs for 100+ yards and Graves makes a better showing than expected, but ultimately falls three scores short) before Owensboro crushed the Eagles in the rematch. That's not to say it will happen again, but a reminder of what Owensboro is capable of in a rematch with Graves County.

Regardless of the outcome, don't expect an 81 point outburst by the Red Devils this week, though that offense is humming this season, surpassing 40 points in eight of nine games. Can Graves keep pace? Will they even have to, if McKee can grind out the hard yards necessary to move the chains and shorten the game? A low scoring affair is the Eagles' best hope.


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Graves will score. The offense has produced all season. Owensboro is clearly the best team the Eagles have played, but they showed last time they can definitely move the ball. They also were able to contain Owensboro offense pretty well last game by Owensboro standards which are different than most teams. 

Eagles are going to have to force turnovers and not spot Owensboro points. They gifted them their first by not recovering a deep kickoff, allowed them to take a kickoff back, and then they fumbled and Owensboro scooped and scored. Owensboro has the athletes but like state above Graves could possibly grind this game out as they are very good in the trenches. Hard to load the box since Graves has some tall fast receivers on the outside in Richards and Grant. I expect a closer game than last year, but Owensboro is the favorite.

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Graves is a top 10 team IMO and can play with anyone.  Their strength is their experienced offense with a solid line that opens holes for McKee who is extremely talented.  Good, big QB in Brown and Grant and Richards at WR.  They did a good job last time of grinding it out and moving the ball very well and limiting Owensboro’s chances.  They will have to step up their effort from last week where the seem lackluster the 1st half vs Grayson.  I think most teams struggled due to the delay.

Owensboro moved the ball with ease last time against Graves and punted maybe once?  As they were driving in the RZ for a score, Rogers caught a pass from Wimsatt then juggled it and flipped to a Graves defender.  Can’t have turnovers especially unforced ones.  Owensboro has a very diverse offense, one of the best in the state IMO with 4 very good and fast WR’s, a solid RB tandem of Avery and Gough (short yardage), very solid O-line and of course Wimsatt.  Last game with Graves Owensboro was missing 2 starting defenders in DT Palmer and CB Javius Taylor, who pick-sixed Brown in last years playoff matchup with Graves.  They were both playing this past week.

i look for a great effort from both teams, but the only way I see Owensboro losing is multiple turnovers.  Graves will move the ball and will score, but so will Owensboro.

Red Devils 48-24.

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