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St. Xavier 23 Central 0


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I thought they would be better in the run game this year.


It doesn’t seem to be a point of emphasis.


Also, offensive line is below average and running back is not a game breaker. He is a good player with average speed and below average size.

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I know offense had bad week of practice and carried over into game. Most of the playmakers at WR are Sophomores so not usually good when relying a lot on sophomores even though they are talented. Lost 3 offense series in 2nd half due to turnovers. Two punt drops were killer.


Also, to your point, most of the playmakers are at WR, not RB.

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Kicker Jeff Sexton played well hitting two 42 yard field goals and looked like could hit 50 the way they sailed through uprights. Princeton getting a good kicker.


Kicking and punting are definitely weapons for the Tigers this year. Overall special teams units are strong with the exception of fielding punts.

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St.X Stats:



Rushing 139

Rushing allowed 73

Passing 147

passing allowed 78

Total 286

Total against 151



Doug Bodhaine 8/18 59yds 0tds 1 Int

Jack Sivori 4/4 88yds 1td 0 Int



Logan Davis 20 for 111yds 1td

Doug Bodhaine 2 for 19yds 0td

Justin Walsh 4 for 9yds 0td



Mehki Smith 7 rec for 77yds 1td

Michael Duddy 1 rec for 35yds 0td

Luke Spears 2 rec for 31yds 0td

Grant Goodman 1 rec for 9yds 0td

Logan Davis 1 rec for -5yds 0td



Team Total 59

Kenneth Shaffner 7 also 1 interception plus 1 sack

Hale Bohler 7

Zane Peckenpaugh 6

Kurtis Cotten 5

William Darragh 5

Robert Andriole 4 and 1 sack and 1 for a loss.

John Reed 4 and 1 for loss

Mick Walsh 3

Daniel Toste 3

Eric Allen 3 and 1 for loss

Braden Wilson 3

William Mottley 3

Parker Guillaume 2

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