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Belfry 31 Southwestern 7


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56 rushes, 331 yards

0-1 passing

Dixon 10 carries, 150 yards, 2TD, Punt Return TD

Bentley 10 carries, 86 yards, TD

Hensley 13, 59 yards



Passing: 6-13, 46 yards

Rushing: 31 carries, 77 yards

Total: 123 yarss

37, 90

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Game was tight early. Belfry opened the game with a long drive for a FG and then got the ball back on a short field but Southwestern rose to the occasion to hold them off the scoreboard.


Southwestern really kept Belfry contained in the First Half on the outside, but Dixon broke a long punt return where he absolutely posterized a defender and trucked him before breaking fee for the First TD. Belfry continued to dominate the Warrior Offense and then Haywood threw a wrinkle and Dixon raced for a score out of a Wildcat-ish look.


In the 3rd Quarter it was more of the same as Southwestern simply could not get any Offensive momentum. Bentley finally got to the 2nd level and raced for a long score and then Dixon did the same with his second look from the pistol taking the direct snap.


The Warriors finally put a solid drive up late in the 4th led by hardnosed running by Austin Barnes, who left his soul on the field and was very impressive on Defense, but by that point Belfry was locked in cruise control and ready to board the bus for the long trip home.

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The Good:

- First and foremost, Belfry's Front 7 was superb. NG Jacob Baisden was a disruptive force all night and helped keep gaps open and create a rush directly up the middle when Southwestern tried to throw. The Belfry DE/OLB's were excellent and never gave the edge up and consistently created penetration. Freshman Rudy Blackwell got the start and looked like a seasoned vet. For an area Belfry has struggled the past two years, they looked downright dominant tonight.


- Isaac Dixon remains one of the best kept secrets in KY. The kid is pure electricity and runs like he is 6'1 200. If he gets a step you are in trouble and he hardly ever goes down on initial contact. I mentioned that punt return, it was some straight PS4 Hit-Stick action.


- Props to Canterbury at QB for Belfry. The Pirates were without Brett Coleman who is going to be a monster weapon under center, but Canterbury managed the game beautifully and protected the football all night. It is rare you see Belfry open the year without laying the ball on the ground a couple times. He was well prepared and did what was needed from him to get the "W"



The Bad:

- Southwestern really is struggling for an Offensive identity and are missing the playmakers they lost to graduation. There is no lack of effort, but they simply never showed any semblance of threat to consistently move the ball or gain chunk yards.

Austin Barnes is their stud LB and there is no doubt Foley would love to keep him as fresh for Defense as possible, but from what i saw he was that one guy who could make a big play when they needed. He may have to see his Offensive load increase.


- Belfry's weakside of their line still have major work to do. The Pirates could get absolutely nothing to the weakside all night in their base Flexbone as this inexperienced line still has to improve mightily. The potential is there, but they have got to finish blocks better and miss less assignments.


The Ugly:

- I hate these late kickoffs in Bowl Games when teams have to travel but what can you do? You have to plan as if you are going to start at 8:30, when in fact the game didn't really start to almost 10:00.

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Dixon is a straight beast! I also like the lineman #55 for Belfry, he gets after you.

That is Ethan Wolford and he is an excellent lineman. He was playing with a slightly sprained ankle as well.


Wolford epitomizes Belfry football and IMHO is one of the better linemen in KY this year.

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