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Fulton City - 2019 Schedule

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Last year they played Crittenden County, Clarksville Academy (TN), Russellville, Todd County Central, and West Carroll (TN), who all appear to have dropped Fulton City for their 2019 schedules.



Fulton City played a second game against Fulton County last year. Fulton County has filled out their 10-game schedule for 2019, and currently show "TBA" as their opponent on September 20th, although it's not necessarily likely that they would be playing Fulton City on this date since they have already added the September 6th game against Fulton City in their KHSAA schedule.



As @gchs_uk9 mentioned in the Webster County thread, Webster & Fulton City played one another the last couple of years. WC has two open dates in their schedule right now, Sep 20 and Oct 11.

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Fulton City is not competing in the KHSAA this season. Their schedule is probably a mutual decision by them and the schools that are not on their schedule this season. That also explains the open dates at the end of their schedule when teams are playing district games.


Correct. I should have qualified that.

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