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Eagles 29 Browns 10


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I copied this from a post I made in my prediction thread today:


The score was 13-10 in the third quarter when Browns 2nd year center snapped the ball over RGIII's head in the end zone. 15-10 Eagles. Then after the free kick the Eagles drive 77 yards for a score and the momentum swing is complete. It's all Eagles after this.


I think the biggest difference in the game was the respective defenses. The Eagles made it difficult on RGIII all day. They have an excellent pass rush from last year. They got to RGIII on Sunday. He hit on some long passes--one to Terrel Pryor. But there didn't seem to be an intermediate passing game. Griffin definitely showed rust from not playing at all last season. He also got hurt late in the game--left should sprain. He's getting an MRI today.


The run game was non existent until the game was out of hand. I thought they should have come out and established the run first. It didn't happen.


Wentz was able to stand in the pocket and throw the ball. He looked really good. The Browns knew their defense was suspect going in as it was exposed in the preseason. They shipped off a lot of veterans, Dansby, Kruger, Whitner, etc., and have a lot of young guys in there. They allowed Wentz to make his reads and throw. This is why I say the defense was the difference in the game, though there are plenty of sore spots for the Browns. Several dropped passes hurt them as well.


Special teams were bad. Tried a fake punt with no punter and only 10 guys on the field. They brought in their big lineman to block for the fake, a direct snap to Duke Johnson, but the Eagles blew right threw the block and tackled him in the backfield. They also allowed Sproles to get a long punt return.


It looks to me that the Browns coaches will get very little sleep this year as they try to figure out how to put this young team in a position to win each week. It was suggested by someone that Hue needs to simplify the offense realizing he

no longer is with the Bengals who had lots of experienced players.


The Browns home opener is against the Ravens next week. If Griffin is unable to play and they go with McCown, it will be interesting to see if the offense looks more organized and efficient.


But any way you slice it, it's going to be a long season.

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I could have done without the smiley face. :)

OG, I had a friend say this yesterday and I laughed out loud regarding RG3. He said "that's what you get when you have a QB built as sturdy as a runway model". I know it may be salt in the wound, but thought you might chuckle at it.

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