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Middlesboro/Lynn Camp Updates


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Middlesboro kick is short and out of bounds... Rekick

New uniforms. for Lynn Camp.

Carry about 10 yards to the 25..

Joe Rosecoff carry first down stop by Hunter Adams of Middlesboro

Carry of 20.

Parton stops a gain of 2 for Lynn Camp.

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Rosecoff. funble but ball is still Lynn Camp to the 29

Fourth and three with a short gain. Stop by Gilbert.

Handoff to Rosecoff. Measurement.. "looks like a short gain but looks like MIddlesboro's ball". Measurement. They were short. Middlesboro's ball FIrst and 10

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Hand off and a stop by Hunter Adams.

Mitchell hand off the Rosscoff.

third and eight with a stop by the jackets.

MItchell. Keeps and is short . FLag. LC. MIddlesboro takes the flag. and it is third down.

Snap direct to RC stop by Hunter Adams

MItchell is going for it on fourth down.

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Snap... Pass Hunter Adams got the interception. TOUCHDOWN for Adams.

Flag.. at the 40.. Off sides MIddlesboro so that take Adams touchdown away.

Fourth and 5 for Lynn Camp will go for it again'

MItchell Is sacked by Hunter Adams

Now it is FIrst and ten on the Middlesboro 39.

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Punt is end over end and takes a Middlesboro bounce ball on LC 27 yard line. Good chance for the Jackets.

Hoskins undercenter. and FLAG off sides Middlesboro first and 15. CG Ford take the hand off and not FLAG TOUCHDOWN JACKETS>

Kick and no Kick Flag and now MIddlesboro wiil go for the 2 points..

Middlesboro 8. LC 0

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Pass to Wagnor. Flag.. Pass interference Middlesboro. Ball was over his head and coach is asking for a talk with the men in stripes.

He is giving them more than 2 cents.

He is taking a time out. First and 10 in MIddlesboro 46 yard line.

Handoff and is stopped by Breeding and Adams.

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