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  1. I believe those turnovers were forced by Middlesboro's defense, two int and two forced fumbles and two of Clay's scoring drives were able to continue due to penalties on fourth down by Mboro's defense. I think if anything Middlesboro tryed to hand them the game after dominating the first half.
  2. Cramping is working on both teams.. Middlesboro has third QB in game.. Roark, Adams, Gilbert all went out with the cramping. Six mins to go and the score is Whitley CO 27 to Middlesboro 6.. Whitley is ready to score again with the ball on Middlesboro one yard line..No Whitley fumble and Middlesboro recovers.
  3. Were they Heat related? I have not read anything on this other than on BGP. Can you tell me were to go to read more..Thanks
  4. Middlesboro vs Harlan game is on this radio station on the computer. Will start soon .... http://www.1490wfxy.com/
  5. What about "BURN OUT"?? Have family who played from time he was six.. Went to collage and played only his freshman year.. He came home and went to another collage to get his degree. He said he had Burn Out and could not play football anymore. He played for Georgetown on one of the teams that won first place in the playoffs.. Even being at the top is not enough if you have played so much that you burn out.
  6. Going to tell my age.. In the mid and late '50's there were several but I remember Bobby Walker.. Anyone else going to show their age.
  7. http://ibn.ihigh.com/play/index.cfm?fuseaction=embstay&id=E11AA4961
  8. Final. Middlesboro QB Hunter Adams out on last play of first half with foot injury. On side lines for the second half.. Back up QB Eddie Gilbert keep the Jackets in the game but ran out of time... Two of the back were also out for good deal of the second half.. Bowling and Gilbert were hurt in the game... Both were able to come back. Bowling as back and Gilbert as QB in place of Adams.
  9. Middlesboro 33 Cawood 6 late Fourth quarter.. Good play by the Jackets..
  10. Know anyone there with a phone we could call aboutt this gme ?? Radio station is not haning the game on the internet.. No radio coverage at all best we can find.
  11. Half time.. Middlesboro 14 Cawood 0. Cawood had several plays inside the 10 yard line. Adams sack of the quarter back with 3 seconds left in the half keep Cawood out of the end zone.. Heating up with both coaches and the men in the strips taking their time leaving the field.
  12. Who do you think will win the game this Friday between Middlesboro and Clay Co.? Game will be played at Clay Co... Some rain this Wed, Thursday, is expected. Mud or just a wet field?? Does Clay Co have a good field? Middlesboro has only lost one game and that was by 1 point.
  13. Middlesboro has put in the Freshman team and they have scored on Leslie. Score is Middlesboro. 50 to Leslie Co 8. Game over. Radio coverage of the game was lost not long before first half.. Keep up a little with family there with cell phones. Good game Jackets.
  14. Leslie pass play is good for 44 yard touch down.. Morgan to Morgan. Time out Leslie Co. LC going for two.. Good..Score is now Mboro 28 Leslie Co 8. 2:52 left in the first half.. Middlesboro scored again before the half. Went for two which was good on run by Shawn Russell. Middlesboro 36 LC 8
  15. 3:50 to go in second quarter score same.. Mboro 28 LC 0 Middlesboro is not moving the ball this quarter.. 3:19 Middlesboro must punt.
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