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Preseason Injuries. How's Your Team Doing?

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Dang, injuries. My Browns are not fairing so well.


We have 7 Dbs who are injured including Joe Haden. I don't know who they're going to play back there in tonight's game. DBs are supposed to be the strength of the team. Lost QB #3 for season due to thumb surgery. Can't get a good look at rookie RB Duke Johnson because he has been injured most of camp. Can't get a good look at Terrelle Pryor at WR because of a hamstring. Other RBs have each been injured. The one that wasn't is getting worn out with all the reps he has to take.


A total of 20 players sat out Tuesday's practice--20! I know players get injured in preseason but I don't recall when in the past that the number of injuries has been any where near this number.


Fortunately for the Browns, most of the injuries are soft tissue and will heal fairly quickly. The down-side is that these types of injuries can also be nagging as they easily recur--like hamstring and groin pulls.


How is your team doing regarding injuries? Any stars out and for how long?

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