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Problems with site?


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Avatars are not showing and I have them set to show.


Also the smiley's are not showing up and when I click on where they are suppose to be they are not there.


Last thing the box that shows up where you pick your font, size and other stuff the only thing that shows up is the words font and size. The rest of the choices are there but the title of them are going.


Any suggestions?


Guru or administrators if you need to go to my account and switch anything up please go ahead.

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No issues now. But a couple of days ago I saw my pretty little avatar under someone else's name. I was about to declare war until I logged onto my laptop and all was well. When I went Back on the phone it was fine.

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I ran a virus scan and restored my computer to another starting pint and the same thing is going on.


I put BGP up on my brothers computer, which in the next room and it does the same as mine does om here.



Also none of the pics in any of the threads are showing up.


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