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Top coaches on the hot seat in 2015


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Yeah, that looks right.


Willie will be able to get a gig at Michigan or he can go back there Stanford, I bet. I hope he can turn the it around. The recruiting class is supposed to be solid, no?


He's revamping everything. They're abandoning the pro set for a spread offense called the "Hurricane Attack" and Wille fired the OC and DC. Defense wasn't the problem last year, so I don't understand part of that. UCF snapped up Chuck Bresnahan quick as that, though.


The recruiting class is not as good as last year, which was ranked 39th overall, 1st in the conference, way ahead of 2nd, UCF, who was at 60 something. So far, this time around, it's ranked 65th and second behind UC, who is at 52.


I'm a patient man. AD Mark Harlan is not. He said in a radio interview, and repeated it to me in person, that what the article says is true. If the Bulls fail to qualify for a bowl game, changes will be made.

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