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  1. This isn't exactly 100% correct, but it is close enough.
  2. West Carter and Morgan seem to be a misprint when you look at the teams in the district based on what was said about the actual alignment. Should read 2A District 7 for Morgan and 2A District 8 for West,.
  3. I agree in almost every circumstance. Exception would be if you move jobs and a kid is already in High School, especially a junior or senior.
  4. Seeding to increase interest does not make sense. I think the Raceland Semi-Final this year was proof of that. No clue if they would have hosted if it was seeded, but that game brought a ton of interest to our area. I’d argue that the postseason success recently of NEKY teams has had more to do with interest in NEKY in football than who plays in the championship game. If you want to build interest, you have to raise the playing level of teams in KY. Better football = more fans. Seeding prevents this. Makes it harder for teams to break through. If we’re tryjng to get the two best teams to the finals, then say that. But football in KY would be the only sport where that happens. Doesn’t happen in most pro sports either. Sure doesn’t happen in basketball....
  5. UK was the best place I’ve wayched a finals at.
  6. Credit the players and coaching staff at Ashland. They gotten better every week. Friday will be a war.
  7. Our game was not competitive on the scoreboard. However, our 2 seniors got to extend their careers another game and the rest of our team got experience against a great program and potential state champion. Once our kids settled in I think the game was a great learning opportunity for our program because we play so many sophomores and freshmen and our kids played hard. Boyle County got to get a lot of kids reps as well in a playoff game. Don’t see the harm in 1 vs 4. It’s a football game. Compete and have fun.
  8. We have a young and small roster this year, a very sophomore dominated group when you look at who is on the field most of the time. 3 seniors and one has been out for the last 4 weeks or so. Peyton like many of our kids plays most of the game. But in our area, most teams are in the same boat, even with larger rosters than ours as far as kids playing most the game.
  9. Truth. The some of the best coaching I've been around was on teams that went winless. School, roster size, opponents, etc have a great impact on wins and losses. Coaching is also much more than in game. So indirectly, it's hard to say unless you're around the team every day.
  10. It has 3 of the five best teams in the region, plus Ashland. Definitely a tough bracket.
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