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2014/15 NKY Regional Basketball Contest Sponsored by Joe Lay & Sons Plumbing (Week 5)


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Bluegrasspreps.com is giving you a chance to demonstrate your basketball expertise statewide! The Bluegrasspreps Regional Pick 'em contests give you opportunities to pick games in different parts of the state for prizes EACH WEEK.


There will be five regional contests every week. You will have a chance to pick the winners in each region -- NKY, EKY, Bluegrass, Louisville, and WKY. This is the NKY contest.


The NKY Contest is sponsored by Joe Lay & SonsPlumbing. Joe Lay & Sons are proud sponsors of all NKY high school basketball teams. For all of your plumbing needs please contact Joe Lay & Sons at:


Joe Lay & Sons Plumbing in Northern Kentucky and Southern Ohio




Each region will have five games to pick from each week. We pick the games, and you will pick the winner of each game, assigning your picks a point value of 7-5-3-2-1.


The first tiebreaker is picking the team (of the ten teams in the contest) that scores the most points. You don't have to pick the highest scoring team, you just have to pick a team that scores more points than the team(s) picked by the member(s) you are tied with.


The second tiebreaker is time. Early bird gets the worm if the contest comes down to the second tiebreaker.


This is a season long contest and you can enter in any or all regions that you wish.


At the end of the regular season, the top two contestants will compete during the special Sweet 16 Contest for statewide bragging rights on Bluegrasspreps and a grand prize. If you win more than one position in the postseason playoff, then your second slot will go to the next contestant in order.. The more contests you enter, the better your chances of qualifying for the Sweet 16 Contest.


If you win a weekly contest, you will receive a quality prize.Check here for a reference.


The deadline for all entries is 5 p.m. (ET) Friday.


Make sure you post your winners and assign each of them one of the following point values (7-5-3-2-1) based on how strongly you feel that that team will win. (Please note that if your selections are NOT in the specified format, your ENTIRE set of picks will be voided)










1st Tiebreaker: Team scoring the most points.


2nd Tiebreaker: Time of post.


Here are the games for Week 5:



Beechwood - Lloyd Memorial

Boone County - St. Henry

Campbell County - Scott

Conner - Dixie Heights

Covington Catholic - Newport Central Catholic



Good luck! Take Randy to the woodshed!


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