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Bishop Brossart 49 Dixie Heights 44 (OT)


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Dixie does have talent but they are young and lack experience when it comes to finishing games or maintaining leads. Many people feel that talent alone should bring victories but there must be chemistry also. They probably have one of the most talented as well as tallest center about 6'3. But when you dont have varsity experienced guards it creates problems getting her the ball. Teams that know this will pressure them and cause problems. But if they face teams that allow them to run set plays then Dixie will most likely have the upper hand because of their center. They still try to push the tempo which overtime will help them get better but it is not going to happen over night. Season is still early so they have plenty of time to improve. Believe me as a Bulldog fan exspecially girls we have had years of frustration until last year and this year. So they will get better with practice and experience during games.

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