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  1. My son enjoyed playing for Coach Carr, it was our first year at Scott. We have since transferred out prior to this ever breaking due to personal reasons. We both were looking forward to playing his senior year under Coach Carr. If we had of stayed after this had came out we would have transferred out because I truly would not have wanted him to play under no one else but Coach Carr.
  2. Never said I had a problem with his playing time cause he played plenty. So instead of running your mouth about something you don't know about and obviously cant comprehend. Our meeting was about my son's effort on the court that I felt he was not giving his all and just standing around. So that if he was not going to giving his all that we were not going to waste our time because someone else could be playing if he did not want to play. My son is to athletic to not be playing at his full potential in any sport. People kill me hiding behind their alias on here. If you want to talk about my me Man up and we can meet and talk so that get a better understanding of how I parent my kids cause I don't need to hide behind no alias. Call me William Englemon 859- 462- 0714
  3. I have read this entire thread and just wanted to say that my son Mi'Rell was a first year player this past season under Coach Carr. I felt he used him in different roles during the season which at times to me looked like Mi'Rell was lost. So I scheduled a meeting with Coach Carr to get a better understanding of exactly what his role was because when I asked my son he told me one thing but during the meeting I found out something different. Coach Carr started out by praising my son then he told us what he needed to work on by showing different film clips that made it very clear for me to see what his role was. Coach Carr pushed my son to be the best he could be and we both agreed thats what we wanted. But what touched me the most was that Coach Carr would text my son to check on him many times to check to see if he needed one on one time with him to go over plays. Coach Carr always had an open door policy when Mi'Rell needed him. He even took time out from his family to help him understand his Anathomy assignments that he was having a hard time with. So it is very sad how all of this has turned out. I Thank Coach Carr for being that extra support that my son needed and wish him and his family nothing but the best. From the Englemon family be Blessed !!
  4. Time had not been set yet for the game.
  5. There website states different: Please contact Ms. Julian or your team liaison for purchase information. Individual Athletic Event Admission Prices •Adult Admission: $5.00 •Non HC Student and Senior Citizen: $3.00 •Under 6: Free and there are plenty of Scott fans that can attest to this and witness with there own eyes HC adults paying less. Most students get in for reduced price or free at home .So if they made changes it is not reflected on their website. Explain that Justamom2.
  6. Lipton Bash, its about more than a dollar it's the principle of purposely charging more. Quite frankly its embarrassing to think that a school that teaches strong values would stoop to this type of behavior.
  7. Cut back on the beer drinking at bingo and they should fine.:lol2:
  8. Lawnboy, they did and they could careless about it. But when their own website has set pricing and they charge visiting team fans above that pricing then light has to be shed on it. You know that it may only be a dollar, but if you steal enough of them you will eventually have hundreds, thousands, and millions.
  9. It was reported to the Scott AD and he said he would get with the AD at HC. And by the looks of HC pricing for events on their website they were out of line.
  10. Nice try but that wont work, they knew what they were doing. And believe me it has been reported.
  11. They dont have to when they see what you are wearing.
  12. Scott fan have fall passes as well but our prices are listed and are the same for all who attend that dont have them. As far as the music goes, its HC's pressbox so the music contents are their responsiblity. I saw HC staff in there while the music was being played. Covington Indepenedent schools does not allow Holmes to play that type of music so someone from HC was in control.
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