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Mr. Fields owes me a cookie.

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They say a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing. I found out how true that is this morning. Like a lot of people, I have one of those cellphones that you can look at your email with. But I don't have one of those fancy one's that you can use to see http format, web graphics and, whatever. All I get is whatever text happens to be embeedded in the email.


Now, I'm also signed up to receive Google email alerts for a couple different keywords. One of those is "KHSAA." It will send mme an email whenever the term "KHSAA" shows up in a news story. The problem with these emails is that you only get a few words of the relevant story. Then a link is provided. That is, provided you weren't on a cheap cellphone that can't go to links.


So, I just happened to look at my email on the cellphone this morning before turning the computer on. This is what I saw:


Google Alert: Public school advocates ask the KHSAA to require Covington Catholic, the only private school in the Sweet Sixteen, to bench two of its starters...[Link to story]

I was like...:scared:


I couldn't get to the computer fast enough, and of course the first place I was headed was right here to BGP. I knew there was going to be a firestorm and I could hardly wait to join in the outrage!!


(Now beefore you end up like me -- calm down -- and read on.)


So, I booted up, signed on, clicked over here to the Bball forum and found heated battles raging over....


"Who was the last Ky. player to be a McDonald's All-American?" "Who is the Coach of the Year in the 16th?" And of course, "What BGP Members will be at Rupp?"


It was like the Twilight Zone! Where was the outrage? Where were the arguments? Where were the word filter violations?




So, I rushed to my email to find out exactly what this story was about. I was ready to blow the lid off BGP with this stunnng news -- what a scoop! I couldn't believe I was going to be the one to break the story to the BGP community!


I went to my email and opened the Google alert. I excitedly clicked on the link.


This is what I discovered...Link


Mr. Fields - I think you should ask the Mrs. to fire me up a fresh batch of cookies. I think it's the least you could do after what you just put me through! :irked:

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