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Hazard @ Belfry Scrimmage 8/22


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Should be a good scrimmage for both.


Belfry's run defense is much further ahead than their pass defense so seeing a very talented Hazard passing game will help them.


Belfry will be the biggest team Hazard will see all year up front and probably the best rushing offense they will see.


Hazard will also get to see Ray Horton up close and personal. Horton is a freak of nature on the D-Line and in their scrimmage in Virginia the other night single handily had 4 sacks and 6 or 7 total tackles for loss.


I expect Belfry to have a revolving door of subs with Hazard having some issues against the Belfry 1's but having success against Belfry as they start getting a few #2's in the game. Think both teams will welcome the competition and scheme of the other entering their first game of the season.

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Should be a very good scrimmage for both and help the hazard defensive front and line backers to stop the run and to occasionally be thrown off guard with a down field pass. It should help belfry defend the pass and get there secondary some work.

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