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62nd district predictions


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Here is my outlook on the 62nd district tourney.


Morgan Co. vs West Carter

Morgan Co. is coming into this tourney as the best team in the region. Mcgowan is a handful inside and is to me the player of the year in the 16th region. West Carter has not been playing well as of late but they can heat up at anytime. Casey Jones is a great player with unlimited range. Better not let him get going or Morgan could go home early.

My Prediction: Morgan Co. 68 West Carter 64


Elliott Co. vs East Carter

This should be a great game. Elliott Co. has all kinds of fire power. They arent playing as well as they could have but look for them to turn it around here. Weddington can hurt you many different ways. Elliott is the best shooting team in the region soo you better not let them get hot. East Carter has been playing very well as of late. Drew Johnson is the best player on this team. He has good range and gets he shot off pretty quick. East Carter is defantily a spoiler team so Elliott better come ready or they are home watching the tourney again this year.

My Prediction: Elliott Co. 67 East Carter 59

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I definetly agree that Morgan County will beat West Carter. I don't think that game will be close. Morgan County is playing great basketball right now, and West Carter has slipped a bit in the last few weeks. As for the East Carter vs. Elliott County game will be a dandy. I think this game will be very close. However I think East Carter's will need lots of production from Van-Allen Burge. He is very capable of scoring big points. As long as the coach lets him play....

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