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Estill 68 Berea 62

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The final in a very entertaining matchup in Berea.


Estill played smart all night long - and Berea just would never go away.


Berryman lit it up and was just too much for the Pirates down the stretch.


I have to say I'm a little disappointed with how the game ended. With Estill leading 68-58 with a couple of seconds to go - Berea threw in a short inbounds pass. An Estill player brushed by and the ref called a blocking foul setting up two free throws which would have gave me a perfect prediction. :D



This should be a tough game for either side - but I think the Engineers will pull this one by around 8.


Your thoughts?



....but on the last play of the game - Berea picked off the inbounds pass and got a last second lay up to give the final score of 68-62.


Ah, so close. :rolleyes:

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It's good to see that the clear favorites arent overlooking thier first round match up in a very capable Owlsey team.


On our side - I know Powell will be looking for blood as they havent picked up a win over the Engineers this season. If Estill plays as focused and determined as they did tonight they should be able to get past the Pirates though.


I guess we'll all find out in Beattyville. Sometime after I get a big Bacon Cheeseburger from the Purple Cow. Yummmmm. :D

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