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Walton Verona at Ryle

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I would go with Walton. Seems like Ryle has average to little hitting after smith.


I agree. Ryle will go as far as Smith will carry them. She can do it all. Hate to put that much pressure on a young player but she is that good. Their other pitcher is very solid too. Walton is very solid defensively and can hit throughout their lineup. The Ginn girl is outstanding in the field and at the plate, awesome all aroung player. Ryle is pretty strong up the middle, pitch, SS and CF, but is very inexperienced on the corners both in the infield and outfield, and at catcher, IMO. Ryle can hit but not as consistant at Walton. JMO. Both teams are well diciplined and very well coached. I will still go with Walton in a close one. Looking forward to it.

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