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  1. Just heard that Ashland is now 59-2 the last couple of years. That's a very big Win for Highlands! They lost 1 in the 18-19 Season and 33-0 in the 19-20 season last year and then this one. Impressive!
  2. Game will be streamed live on Highlands Film and Broadcasting YouTube channel.
  3. Actually I don’t think we are any closer than we were before Tuesday.
  4. No Coach has been named yet. Take it for what it’s worth.
  5. Love your Dicipline with just these pictures. Everyone is dressed the same and don't look like some Dumpster Fire! I see the coaches even try to dress the same. It's the little things that make the difference. I was taught/coached at a very young age that details matter and you will use that someday more rather than not. I think it's a big part of it. JMO!
  6. Trinity will go back after Andrew Coverdale if he’s still available. Hearing he might be in line for the next Coach at Cincy St X. Just a rumor.....
  7. Both....There are enough Alum at Highlands that still stay connected throughout the State. My 1st push would be for Chris Wolfe. Who knows if he is even Interested at all. No clue! He knows the Dynamics of the School and town. And he knows all the Hungry parents. But lets not forget, he's currently trying to Win a State Championship. The Job was posted on Monday and as of Wed only 3 people have Applied. Don't know the names so don't ask. Keep in mind, not every Applicant will get an Interview. I would think things around the 21st will start to Heat up quickly. No reason to rush a Hire though IMO. Plenty of resources in our Town that can help with Early 2021 conditioning. As far as a Offense? You run the Offense that bests Suits your Talent. There is some good talent coming up with some QB's that both have Good Legs and Strong Arms. I highly doubt a Smash mouth approach will be seen but I won't be the Head Coach so no telling what we will see in 2021.
  8. Coach the Kids/Athletes at the Yardsticks of their Years not Ours. Very Important!
  9. Yeah sorry I meant Tiffin. No clue where I got Wittenburg. But yes, I threw that name out there because it may attract a young Coach like Bert back to Ft Thomas. Both him and his Wife are home grown. And Bert has the Background and Experience to support his Resume. Again, time will tell! But no it’s not a done Deal as someone stated above. Several targets are still trying to Win Championships. Wide open!
  10. FYI, there is 2 Horse Farms in Ft Thomas believe it or not. One a pretty good size the other not so much. But they do exist!
  11. Classic! Heard a similar Rumor that one came up in Cold Springs as well.
  12. Brycen Huddleston cannot stand on the Sidelines for 30 Offensive plays per game but Kids in 2020 can find their way playing both ways. Come on! In the Conner playoff game last year Brycen had 8 catches for 80 yards in the 1st half. Didn't play Offense other to Block Mayer in the CCH game all year. How many touches on Offense did he have the 2nd half outside of Special teams in the Conner playoff game? Zero! So yes, Brian wasn't doing everything in his power to Improve his team at all Costs. Just my Opinion!
  13. I hope Moeller isn’t. With the new RPI system that game cost Highlands a home playoff game not to mention translates to lost revenue. How many RPI points again did we gain by losing to Moeller? Find a game that you can win in Ky to help your RPI. No reason we should of been traveling to Hebron 2 years in a row. You’re better off not playing Moeller. You got nothing for that!
  14. They’re all welcome to reapply once a Coach is Hired. That is my understanding. Anyone else know how that works? Certainly we have someone on this site that’s been through this.
  15. What about Brandon Smith? Are we aloud to mention his name or is he also Off Limits to the Unrealistic Fan Base per se? I really like what he’s done in Bowling Green.
  16. I would also like to see more Position oriented Coaches on Highlands staff. Simon Kenton's very own Kris Nevels who lives in Ft Thomas has offered to help with the DB's and has been told No Thank you a couple of different times. I'm a firm believer that you are only as good as the people you put around you. Even Dale Mueller couldn't do it all. He will argue a different outcome but lets be real. He had some pretty good Defensive minds on staff with Weinrich and Dave Meadows of Newport Central Catholic. Why isn't Dave coaching in Ft Thomas? His son is a 7th grader and will be going through the system. Someone needs to call that Dude too.....I hope whoever is hired can listen to some of the resources we have in our town. But whoever is hired I'm sure will put together a very nice Staff.
  17. My list of Highlands Guys...... Chris Wolfe (Lou Male) Jeff Barth (Walton Verona) Steve Lickert (Newport Central Catholic) Mike Mitchell (WHY NOT) Other than not having Head Coaching Experience. But he would be my 1st call to Coach my DB's if I'm hired at any School. Dude knows the game! Bert Bathiany (Wittenburg University)
  18. With over 60 Applicants for the AD job back in Spring, it will get quite Interesting to see who Applies for the Football Job. This job doesn't open very often. Someone asked if Highlands will ask Eddie? Ummm why not? All he can say is "Shut the Front Door" And then know that the Highlands Job will not be available for another min 10 years. That Door closes Fast!
  19. Sure....Brian Weinrich and myself coached Jeff Barth in 7th & 8th grade. I like to think I had some positive Influence on him back in 1990. LOL! Actually I think Jeff should get a Interview and will but I think Highlands is looking for something Bigger. Just my Opinion! But who knows.....Whoever the Coach is will be Hired on more than just a Football Coach. You have to be the Calipari type of Ambassador of your program. Someone who can sell the program like it should be. That's why I think it will be a Highlands guy. Who is it? Not sure..... Time will tell!
  20. Jeff Barth will apply for sure and should get an Interview. Now, will he get that far? I think things have been in motion for several weeks like someone mentioned earlier. Having a New AD at Highlands from LexCath with Peeps all across the state, he and the Coaching Job will draw some Major attention. . Wes Caldwell knows the Coaching needed to Win at a place like Highlands. He has spent most of the last 6 months still taking in all of the History with Highlands Athletics and the Facilities/Schools and will tell you he's not sure what to think.....He words not mine! "This place is Crazy" In a good way!
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