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  1. Watch the Video....I agree that a Foul is a Foul. But Vieth left 2 CCH players to go to Defend the CCH player. Vieth came a long way to block that shot. A simple Vinson like read would of been to dump the Ball to the open CCH player under the Basket for the easy Basket. Game Over!
  2. NCC is not playing Highlands anytime soon. They were scheduled to play the 2019 season but rescheduled leaving Highlands scrambling for that season. Good luck to Steve and NCC....
  3. Something that we haven’t had in a very long time....A leader! It’s always been the Head Football Coach’s program and now it just happens to belong to Bob Sphire. Go Birds!
  4. Here’s another from Zach Barth to Vinson! FullSizeRender.mov
  5. This is pretty accurate. Now what happens in the post season may be different. Or maybe not! JMO! I really think HHS the next couple to 5 years at least will close the Gap and swing the other way over CCH and other teams across the State. Again, just my Blue Colored Opinion but it's happened before. 1989 for starters....Highlands didn't go after Bob Sphire to be complacent! That's one thing that will change Immediately....
  6. I'm curious to see how the 1st day of Workouts went later tonight once Kids start sharing some things with their Parents. I'm hearing that the Fieldhouse was lit up at 6 a.m. this morning. Coach Sphire got into town late Sat and went right to work. Excited for the young Men in our town. We have a lot of work to do..... Go Birds!
  7. I remember watching the Cincinnati Rockers play in Tropicana Field in St Pete. We just so happen to be Vacationing in the Area and caught the game too. Good luck to everyone involved.
  8. One of Sam Vinson’s 4 Dunks but this has to be at the Top. FullSizeRender.mov
  9. Vinson played well above the Rim all night! IMG_3837.MOV
  10. Look I'm not saying something may or may not have been said about potential open positions/coaches but maybe those promises or Pipe Dreams I might say were made by someone not even an Employee of the FTIS. Did you think of that one? It happens a lot in Ft Thomas. They call it the Ft Thomas Mafia. The FTIS just doesn't work that way anymore. Maybe back in the 80's but not now. Goes the old saying we use...."No one is bigger than the Program"
  11. What can be promised when a position(s) isn't/aren't open at that time? The Middle School PE position is something that was coming open from the get go. Many of the Applicants were in position to fill that job. It wasn't created overnight! One applicant was willing to get Certified to fill it. The way I look at it is Highlands got a 2 for 1 special. Yes with James and Wolfe we were just getting them. With Coach Sphire we are getting Both him and his son. Sounds like a Winner to me! Look I get it, a lot of Information or misinformation was flooding Cocktail hours around NKY about the Highlands Coaching position. Believe me, we heard it everywhere we went. I have been involved in the FTJFL for 18 years now and a lot of people around NKY all of a sudden became my best friend per se during that long 6 week period.🤣 People were intrigued with who was coming in. The stuff I heard and knew in a 30 day period would blow your mind. It's 30 for 30 material to say the least. And your comment about Highlands Scraping together enough Money to get Wolfe? Laughable! Yes things had to be Tweaked to make it work but the BOE approved all Funds needed to find the Best Coach available from Day 1. Why weren't the same deals done for Brian Weinrich? Maybe BW was okay or as I always have said complacent with the Job he was doing that required the extra funds. To each his own I guess. Bob Sphire was Highlands very 1st phone Call when the Job came open and at the time it just wasn't happening. I know that to be a Fact!!! But thanks to Eddie James and Chris Wolfe we have our Guy that we originally wanted. And I will say it again.....Matt Bertasso is the man! Go Birds!
  12. Could but I don't think that's going to happen. He and the Highlands Athletic Dept have parted ways in different directions.
  13. Johnson Elementary to be exact. I don't think he's leaving his position with the FTIS. He does a Excellent job with the Kids at Johnson and is admired by many throughout the City for his commitment to the Children.
  14. Campbell 7th had to cancel. HMS 7th plays St Joe's of Cold Springs tonight @ 7:30 in Ft Thomas instead.
  15. The greatest part of a Independent School system.....Right?
  16. Don't forget he was on Jack Eicher's staff 1st.....Come on JOAT! You knew that.
  17. Died in 1996. He passed the morning of the Conner game. Highlands went out and smoked The Cougars that night. Brady Grimm opened the game with a KO return for a TD and Highlands never looked back. Needless to say they weren’t losing that night in Hebron. Red Dog’s 1st year at Highlands was my Sr year in 1987. He nicknamed me “The Snake” after Kenny Stabler. Because we were both Left handed QB’s.🤣 He knew how to get the most out of his players for sure. Oh how we loved Red Dog!
  18. We have done this for a few years now....The kids love the Jerseys and Helmet Graphics but who wouldn’t? I was super Jealous that I didn’t have this back when we played in the FTJFL. My Son was a Sapper 2 years ago. He’s now part of the Bluebirds Middle School team.
  19. Maybe rare but not out of the Question. I’m all for playing the Best players. Should be interesting.
  20. Bob is here March 1st...ish Wife and Son have to finish the School year out.
  21. The Truth right here.....Let’s see if Bob is so great of a guy to some come Sept/Oct when things are moving in a different direction. When that potential Freshman is good enough to play in a Varsity game before maybe even a Sr. Not saying that will happen but it certainly could. How will everyone react then? Every great program play Frosh on the Varsity level. They do it at Male and they certainly did it in Ga. Its done everywhere. So don’t think it can’t and won’t happen at Highlands. Anything is possible.... “Trust the Process”
  22. I was told by a very close credible source for many years now......Bob would only come back to Kentucky to coach and for only 1 job......Highlands! There's your answer if the program is still relevant or not. Thank you Bob! How about the Highlands Admins for this hire. Yes, Matt Bertasso is the Man....Again!
  23. How far did you research? Not exciting at all when you dig deep enough....Right?
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