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  1. I would say this is more serious and damaging then we are being led to believe. I have to suspect UK is burying Info to protect young Students that were and are involved. My guess we will never know. If not One coach comes forward to cry Foul then it probably was in their own best interests to just walk away quietly. For UK to turn this over to the Athletic Dept tells me that order needed to be restored and restored fast. Meet Sandy Bell!
  2. He may claim he has no clue what's going on but I bet you he makes sure the University's maintenance Dept greases the revolving door at the Wildcat Lodge at least once a week. It's still hard to comprehend that the Coaches were present when this Garbage was taking place.
  3. Just read the Article.....Wow! "Basket Tosses" Good Lord....
  4. We have been told to plan to start practice July 20th. The FTJFL that is....Hope that date sticks.....
  5. Just got off the phone with a good friend of mine that spent 13 days on the Ventilator. He sounds pretty good considering what he has been through. 3 more days of self Quarantine at home. He told me that during the time he was sedated he had some interesting Dreams/Nightmares that he's still sorting through. I can't even imagine what these patients are going through. He lost 47lbs.....He spent almost 3 weeks in the Hospital. His line of work entails him dealing with Clients that would be in Alexandria one day talking to him and then in the middle of the nowhere across the World the next. He isn't quite sure where he picked it up. He did say that he has a New perspective on Life and what's really important.
  6. Furthermore the Small schools that are living on Life support already. Many schools wouldn't be able to overcome such a move.
  7. There are several spots in Northern Kentucky. The one that you will see them is down near Riverside Marina in Dayton Kentucky. We actually have a couple nest on our farm property in Southern Campbell County. They are around you just have to be looking for them.
  8. I wouldn’t be surprised if the KHSAA doesn’t move all Fall and Winter sports to Spring of 2021 along with Spring sports and tell the Schools to hash it out. Talk about making a student athlete choose between sports. And a logistic nightmare!
  9. Marty Moore.....1994 Mr Irrelevant. Highlands High School/Kentucky/New England Patriots. 1st ever Mr Irrelevant to play in a Super Bowl.
  10. There's a nest on the River near Riverside marina in Dayton. The best way to catch a view of them is by Boat here in a couple of months. Hopefully our property location isn't being disturbed too much. It's a high traffic area for Turkey and Deer hunters. I do know the Game Warden checks on our property very often to make sure they are still safe.
  11. I took this Picture up through my Sunroof last year. Wish I had a better Camera. Very cool to be that close to something that majestic.
  12. We have 2 Nests on our property in Southern Camp Co near Rt 8. Both nests are actually only about a 100 yards from the road so you can see them often nesting. Pretty cool! They have been there about 3 springs now.
  13. That is outside of Charleston near Montgomery. My brother QB'd for Lucas Sr who was the Head Coach at nearby West Virginia Tech in 1982.
  14. Fox19 just tweeted a picture that the Kings Island parking lot is Empty... Just passing it along.
  15. My kid drove down about Noon today to start emptying the Dorm. More than likely we will have to go down next week 1 more time to get everything else. I told my child to get all the Important stuff today just in case we are shut out completely.
  16. Yes I just got the text from my Daughter.....I wonder when they will let us get back in to retrieve our Belongings. I'm assuming not for a while!
  17. Yep I just received the ESPN Alert! He's out......
  18. I'm a little bummed but it's the right thing to do. My Soph Wildcat and I were leaving in the morning for Nashville. I'm out tickets and a Air BnB rental with no Insurance. The one time I needed it! There are greater tragedies than a few lost Dollars.....Our Health is the most Important thing right now....
  19. Just saw a tweet from ESPN. Other Conferences have followed.
  20. The Birds with a Impressive game and led from Start to Finish. Sam Vinson is your 36th District MVP. All class by the Young man. He walked out Sr Injured player Jacob Brass and accepted the Trophy together. Sam has a Bright future. #stud
  21. Highlands had the possession to start the 2nd half. Highlands setup a Offense on NCC’s end of the Court. Why NCC didn’t pickup on it is beyond me. When the Highlands player inbounds the Ball she threw it backcourt. Well in reality it was Highlands Front court and Piper Macke dribbled it in uncontested. So basically Highlands tricked NCC into thinking that they were going the other direction. Brilliant! Does that make sense? I can’t explain it any other way.
  22. Ok so lets hear it! Who are some of your Top players in the 9th region? Highlands: Soph Shortstop Anna Greenwell(She will be in the running as Top player in NKY) Junior Outfielder Caroline Class Senior 2nd Baseman Taylar Lorenzen 8th grader 1st Baseman/Catcher Michelle Barth. The most improved player in the program.
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