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  1. #Yahtzee....LOL! Kidding aside. Stoops will not be let go anytime soon. He will have the opportunity to change some staff around before it gets to that. Now will he change things up? Only time will tell.
  2. Disappointing......Happy Stoops took his stance!
  3. Buffalo Trace is the Distillery to visit! A Home run.....
  4. So the way I heard it with Football is that if Highlands wins this Friday and then loses to CCH the following week. CCH finds out thw following Monday morning the Diocese is shutting them down. Highlands gets to play in place of CCH in the 3rd round playoff game? Can't make this stuff up! I guess the healthiest team Wins.
  5. Fair enough! Not here to argue. I was just curious is to why you wouldn’t. That’s all!
  6. How many does Campbell County High School have? How does it complicate things? Explain...
  7. That's because I think there should be 2 AD's...Thoughts? One for Boys and maybe a Female for the Girls. Way too much for 1 AD to do especially at Highlands and expectations with Sports programs being added each year.
  8. Does he have a High School Head Coaching Experience? Highlands has now done that twice now in recent memory and both times haven't worked out. I highly doubt that mistake will made a 3rd time. There's more to being a Head Coach than X's and O's and stable Game/Program experience must play a factor.....JMO! And why does it have to be a Highlands guy? That didn't stop Dale Mueller from hiring Kevin Listerman for the Basketball program. You find that best candidate to lead your program. But I think Head Coaching experience should play a Major role in the Administration's process.
  9. I watched this game along with every HHS/CCH Freshman game that last 7 years and I will tell you, Highlands dominated CCH last night. Sure it was a 2nd half 7-7 game. I think HHS's defense held CCH to 2-1st downs all night. Could of very easily been a 14-0 2nd half. Highlands had the ball with a Fresh set of down on CCH's 11 yard line going into score. And yes, HHS would of scored! A terrific Defensive Strip by CCH and fantastic return 89 yards gave CCH some time to remain on Life support halfway through the 4th. I don't remember for sure but I'm not so sure CCH ever crossed the 50 yard line last night on Offense. Maybe they did but it wasn't very often. CCH's QB was getting Hammered after each throw. I mean destroyed! So with me watching all 7 years and 1 match up on TV earlier this year, here is my question. How can Highlands for the last 8 match ups with CCH come within One possession of a Victory to even beating CCH Twice in the last 3 meetings, become that Bad at the High School level? A lot of questions to be answered. Many speculations, even some saying it's the FTJFL's fault for driving players away. Really? The Freshman team seems to be very competitive each year but after that it becomes a Dumpster Fire. What gives? Talent? Kids not playing anymore? Strength and conditioning? Probably a combination of all of those things. Just can't figure out why we can compete with or even beat CCH on the Frosh level but have a Running Clock hung on us in Varsity. Something just isn't adding up. Nice talent on both sides of the ball last night but to ever say Highlands doesn't have talent to Win or even compete on the Varsity level right now is just not a very good argument. I get it that players change over a couple of years but why can't the Highlands player change right with the CCH player? Again, something just isn't right to me!
  10. "Beauty is in the Eyes of the Beholder" @Jack of all Trades
  11. Fair assessment......It's not a hold if it's not Called. There could be a hold on every Offensive play....You know that! Right? I.E. "NFL" As far as the QB making a tackle comment rather than making a better read(appeasing the Armchair QB's that we all are) At least our so called Franchise QB didn't quit like several kids did on Friday. I"m sure you have access to the Film. Watch it a little or maybe you already know. Several of those Players have Checked out. That's not Highlands Football! But your take is spot on. Maybe Noon should of Checked off to another receiver. Maybe he saw something we didn't. Only Noon knows what he saw and will grow form that.' As far as your comment about Noon's hit. Yep, it was nice.....The other 2 Football players are supposed to be Big Hitters. They play Defense! Just thought Noon's efforts on his mistake deserved Notice from this ole Coach rather than mope over on the Sidelines like many. That's all!
  12. He is enrolled right? I have heard that he still hasn't step foot on Campus in Fort Wright. Is that true? Anybody know why he hasn't been cleared yet? Sounds like some unanswered questions. Wasn't he a TE Football prospect? Sounds like he wasted some time this Fall on the Gridiron wanting to Transfer to Covington Catholic. Hope it was worth it to all Parties Involved....
  13. There were several Pancake Blocks the other Night that People in the stands were screaming for Holding Penalties. Folks that's what it looks like to get Creamed by a good Offensive Lineman. The best hit of the year for HHS may have been Soph Charley Noon when he threw a late Int and had to make the tackle on Moeller's sideline. The kid might need to play some Defense.....
  14. Cooper needs one. They were scheduled to play Dixie. If Cooper doesn't find a game and Highlands beats Campbell Co. and Conner loses to Ryle it might get a little interesting who locks up the 2 seed in that District. RPI baby! Nothing like a little Drama....
  15. It is simply a numbers game. Back 6-7 years ago the FTJFL had over 350 kids playing football. Today the number is around 175 3rd-8th. Just numbers! We can't pick and choose when we can and can't play Internal or play in a Outside league. Listen I have been coaching 7th/8th football now in Ft Thomas for 18 years. Yes, we would love to make sure we developed more kids at more positions by doing it completely ourselves like years past. However we can't pick and choose when we can do that. We either have to be all in or all out. Choosing to play Internally in 2019 and then playing in the Middle School League in 2020 and then back to Internally in 2021 doesn't sit well with other Leagues counting on our Commitment year in and year out. We could of had 4-7th/8th teams in 2020 and played Internally with a 9 games schedule like years past. 38-8th graders and 54-7th. Also in 2021 with a projected number of 80 we could of also did 4 Teams. But in 2022 we would of fell back to about 40-50 kids between the 2 grades Max. We do consider forecast and Class size. The current 7th class is the largest in District history with almost 300 kids. So it's a Chess game each year when we try to figure out what direction is best for the kids. Unfortunately we don't have a current Head Coach that visits the Kids in the Elementary schools like Dale did and get the Kids excited about playing football. Have you ever heard Dale Mueller's sales pitch? It's not your ordinary talk. The current Coach doesn't feel like it's his job to do so. I know that 1st hand. He only gets involved when asked or told to. And those are Facts! Anyone is welcome to come sit at a FTJFL board meeting to discuss their frustrations on how we run our League. We are all open ears!
  16. Figure out how to Raise Money! Period....Every Athletic program is being Impacted right now.
  17. Lol...How do know? J/K Yeah you’re right. He’s not from Ft Thomas....
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