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  1. Two score win on road v top 10 Indiana team. Lots to work on for next week, but great win - safe travels.
  2. Hop on the mic. You and the geniuses that like your post can form a crew. I’m sure it’ll be awesome!
  3. I know Beechwood will show up - it’s in their DNA. They will be prepared and they will fight their tails off. Tons of respect for the Beechwood program. Go Colonles.
  4. Good to hear Gary Ball’s voice. He did a wonderful job for NKY football for many years, along with Randy Wilson and Kevin Rengering. WTSJ - 1050.
  5. Great catches in critical situations. Love seeing kids laying it on the line for a cause bigger than themselves. The beauty of high school athletics was on full display. Highlands earned that region championship.
  6. Great game. Rom was spectacular. Yes, Kavanaugh would have likely scored, had he tagged. Snap decision in a tight game. Things happen. CCH had a runner picked off 3rd early in game. Kids will be kids. With that said, both sides fought their tails off. On the CCH side, knowing Rom was likely coming in the game at some point, it was critical to score as much as they could early. I wish Maile would have been given the chance to swing the bat in the 2nd, with 1 out and runners on 2nd/3rd. Instead, he lays down a great squeeze bunt, but you give up an out. Who knows? Maybe he would not have driven either runner in, or, perhaps he doubles two runs in and there’s still just one out. The small ball philosophy leaves no margin for error. Especially with a shut down Clydesdale in Baioni’s back pocket. Live by the sword, die by the sword. Good luck to Highlands in Lexington.
  7. The strategy, at least initially, was understandable. Krumps is not one to break tendency. Coach Roesel sold out and Krumps countered nicely. But, it doesn’t work unless the kids swinging the bat make it work. Good job by the Colonels - finding a way.
  8. Krumps breaks some tendencies and the Colonels score 3 in the 6th to get the comeback win.
  9. I would presume it would have more to do with being able to play multiple games at different times of day (ie could play two games at 10:00A and two games at 7P, if necessary).
  10. Objectively speaking, it is still very one sided, dating back to the late 90s, to be honest. CCH won some games in ‘01 and ‘06, but, until the last two years, it’s been pretty one sided. CCH has a LONG way to go to even the score, but, they at least have H’s attention again. It is a fun rivalry. I hope CCH can keep it up.
  11. Slight correction... “With a Spirit that will not die”...
  12. Covington Catholic won the Region 5, AAA meet yesterday. That is the 30th overall Regional Track title for the Colonels.
  13. Hard to not project HHS as Region favorite with their arms, experience and leadership. With that said, I’d love to see Krumps get #10. The man has given everything he has for 42 years. I, like many, get frustrated at times by his approach and unwillingness to change. But, that man works so darn hard and cares so much. He’s a flat out champ. He deserves respect. Give em hell, Krumps! You can count on the fact that he’ll bring it every. single. day.
  14. Is Hoeh playing football or baseball somewhere next year?
  15. Correct - raced out to big leads in both games and BW made two outstanding, late inning comebacks to make each game a coin toss.
  16. Was he still “active” and on medical leave, or had he retired?
  17. No question. If Rom stays in that game, it’s a 1 or 2 run game into the late innings, most likely.
  18. CCH is undefeated v NKY (roughly 9-0). Two losses - a 2 run loss to Moeller and an extra inning, one run loss to LaSalle. But, they have not yet played NCC.
  19. Early in the game, HHS hit the ball very hard. A few “at em” balls and a nice catch by the centerfielder. Rom settled down and was cruising when he left the game. Nice win for CCH, but I wouldn’t take much away from this game, other than CCH is capable of handling high level pitching - at least for an inning or two. In the post season, that may be all you need. Very thin margin between these two teams.
  20. Amen! I'd wait 2 years before even considering that job.
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