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  1. CCH 56 Wayne 44 End of Q3 Mick Davin with two big 3s at the end of the quarter to spark the Colonels.
  2. Cov Cath up 19-17 after one quarter. Game is on the Colonel Athletic Network.
  3. These kids will be taught/disciplined by parents, administration or both. Rest assured.
  4. It’s part of the entire circumstance. As I said in my post, the kids should have reacted to the Native American envoy better. However, it was the context of a completely bizarre series of events. Send me your manual on how to react when a group of Native Americans approaches you with a banging drum, shortly after being taunted by another group.8 I wish they would have walked away. They didn’t. Many of the kids acted inappropriately and, I am certain that the issue will be addressed when they return to school. Obviously, the right thing would have been to have the presence of mind to walk away, in that instant. The point re: the African Americans is made to show that the boys are not racially charged bigots. They handled that situation perfectly and literally a minute later, they’re hit from another angle. I don’t think they developed an elitist, racist attitude in 30-60 seconds. I think they didn’t act right and they will be taught/disciplined. To pontificate to the contrary and make assertions as to their parents is ridiculous. I just want to point out that the reaction to the Native Americans was not out of hate. Given the circumstance, the reactions while inappropriate and discipline worthy, came from a different place than hate. Again, don’t wear the MAGA gear. It’s akin to pouring a bucket of blood on your body and jumping in the ocean.
  5. How can you say this? The issue is two days old and the kids haven’t been back in school yet. For you to speculate that they won’t be taught is ludicrous. I guarantee you this issue will be addressed at the highest level. A premature, unfair comment. Give the school a chance to address. If they miss, then fire away.
  6. Sequence of events... Kids waiting for bus African American group openly taunting the kids - using homophonic language, the n-word toward two African Americans CCH students, telling them to leave the school before the white kids steal their organs, calling the white kids crackers and school shooters... The kids respond by chanting “CCH”... At that point a group led by Mr Phillips (at least one man with some special LED lighted phone), approaches the boys and the rest ensues... I wished the boys would have walked away. I wish whoever was “chopping” would have refrained. I wish they wouldn’t have danced around and chanted. The behavior was likely the result of confused bewilderment as to what was going on, not out of hate. But, the behavior will be interpreted/spun according to each person’s viewpoint. The kids should not have been wearing MAGA gear. That was a miss by the administration. These days, especially in an emotionally charged environment like DC on a “March day”, you need to be smarter. The kids should have reacted to the situation better. But, I laugh at how the behavior of disillusioned African American men is seemingly brushed aside. At some point in this thread, someone reported that the kids were harassing a group of African Americans. That’s a joke. That’s pot stirring and ridiculous. 3 minutes of effort would have revealed clear video evidence to the contrary. With all of that said, don’t wear the gear, don’t make yourself a target and when LED lit camera phones are rolling and Native Americans are telling you to go back to Europe, you need to walk away. I pray that at age 14-17, I would have had the presence of mind to walk away, but unless I’m in that situation, I have no idea. In the end, some kids chopped, some kids danced and chanted, some kids stood there with odd looks on their face, especially the ones toward the front that were in close contact with several of these folks who are seasoned veterans in the game. Like everything else, there’s blame to go around and coulda shoulda woulda.
  7. Unfortunately, and understandably, a nice win against a GCL school, plays second fiddle today.
  8. I don’t care whether he picks up a basketball ever again. That’s a decision between he and people not named you and I.
  9. Great game. Kids on both sides playin their tails off in a great environment. Really fun game - high school athletics at its best. Good luck to both.
  10. Great point. I think all you can do is love them, make sure they know they can always talk to you and as a father, model the way by treating all of the women in your life with respect. And even still...you just never know...
  11. Horrible situation. Really feel for the alleged victim(s) and pray that if these things happened, they can move on and lead happy, productive lives. Joe Walter has been a tremendous force for good in this community for a long, long time. I feel terrible for he and his wife. This has to be gut wrenching. If these allegations are true, I hope justice is served swiftly and the victims and families involved (including Joe and his wife) can move on. Serious, serious stuff. Sobering for any parent to digest and make sense of alleged senseless violence. I can’t imagine what it would be like to have a daughter in this situation. I hope I never find out. Hug your kids tonight and pray that they surround themselves with good people and make good decisions.
  12. Game is over. 28 point win. Shutout. Regular season is over. Everyone 0-0. CCH has plenty to work on. Hopefully, they improve each week and earn the right to face the team that gave them a win a few weeks ago.
  13. Always wanting to start it? See you in a few weeks. I recall plays on both sides from the last game that each side wish they had back.
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