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  1. The visiting locker rooms were very nice and have the scoreboard's clock in them, a little thing but a nice touch. There are two different officials locker rooms, presumably a male/female set up if you have a mixed crew? I also heard, but didn't see first hand, that the home locker rooms and coaches' offices have massive touch screen televisions that can be used to watch film and show things to the team. I'm told those are very, very nice and very, very costly. There is also a dual camera in a fixed position for filming the games. This is very nice. You don't have to find someone to film or worry about them doing it well. I've watched film from a setup similar to this and it is pretty great. There are two fixed cameras, one for each half court. Then the software follows the ball and uses that as the primary source on the video you watch. However, if something happens on the other screen you can switch to it. It's amazing for watching film. This isn't a huge amenity but I really like the main entrance. It felt like a much smaller version of the entrance to the Yum! Center. There are two family restrooms on the lower level which are super nice for families. There is corner seating, which is near non-existent in high school gyms. There are the risers for the student sections. There is the standing area on the second level of one end of the course. Many of these things are small but overall I think they are nice touches. They are things you seem to find at newer college arenas but not at the high school level, at least from my travels.
  2. First, that has nothing to do with my previous statements. Second, I don't envision Clark beating Bourbon. However, we are dealing with teenagers, anything could happen.
  3. For sure, Wright has certainly had a better career. But if I had to pick one to win me a game tomorrow, I'm going with Cook. That's not to heap praise on Cook either. He gets very worked up on the sidelines and I think his teams end up reflecting that on the floor.
  4. I was very impressed with Sarah Weddington from Lewis County.
  5. I agree they could surprise someone but they are still so, so young. They only have two girls above the 9th grade (one SR and one JR). I think they’ll be better than people think this year but are probably a bit away from really making noise.
  6. Montgomery County has named Dustin High the new girls coach. He’s been an assistant coach for the Montgomery County boys for a number of years including including most recently their JV coach. His father, John High, was a highly successful girls coach for Whitesburg, Breathitt Co, and Montgomery County. http://www.montgomery.kyschools.us/userfiles/2407/My%20Files/20190503--MCHS%20Girls'%20Basketball%20Coach.pdf?id=556797
  7. Good summary of UHA. Lots of talent but too many head down drives to the bucket with no passes and too many jacked up threes that are missed badly.
  8. The bottle play was after a misses Murray break and Brossart rebound. I didn't see it thrown but am pretty sure I know what happened. The Murray "student section" was basically their girls team and some younger (than high school) kids. As soon as I saw the bottle I looked but at their section, all the girls were staring over at the younger kids, the younger kids were all looking at one of them in disbelief. I'll call him Ralph just for fun. Ralph then ran up about 8 rows and over two sections, slouching way down in a seat. Everyone had a reaction like "holy crap what just happened?" My take is the Ralphgot excited and in celebrating what he thought would be a layup for Murray the pop slipped out of his hands. Saw Ralph talking to an adult after the game and he still seemed very embarrassed. I could be way off but it seemed like a complete accident to me.
  9. I'd agree with Jim Schue. I didn't think it was poorly called. There were actually some more plays I thought they could have called fouls on but didn't. Neither team could really stay in front of the other and when they got to the rim they got hammered. This was particularly true for Comptom. He was easily the fastest player in the court, SC couldn't stay in front of him.
  10. This team isn't playing like Szabo's teams of the past. They have a lot more freedom on the offensive end. It is much more entertaining to watch.
  11. I don't remember the exact score but Caverna won easily. They were up by about 18 at the half and won by around the same amount.
  12. Tisdale is a heck of a ballplayer. Very quick the the ball, smooth shot. Is Luke Johnson the younger brother or cousin maybe to Tanner Johnson. The similarities are certainly there.
  13. Is Mason Faulkner the injured player? I didn't see the first game Caverna played but last night I didn't think he played well. To be averaging close to 40 points a game he's better than what I saw from him.
  14. The officials did immediately try to leave the floor. The gym is an older, very small gym. The door the officials leave out of is only a few feet away from the end of Buckhorn's bench. So the path they took directly to the door led them right in front of the bench, that's when the two started at it. Then after the official T'd up Coach Noble and threw him out the official went to the scorer's table to signal it. That's when Coach Noble was restrained by his assistants. Then the official had to go back by the Buckhorn bench to go from the scorer's table to the door to exit the gym. It was around then that LexCath's AD calmed down Coach Noble.
  15. I honestly can't say. I had been watching Dunbar/Perry Central in the main gym and just caught the 4th quarter of this one in the old gym.
  16. This may be true but they were scheduled to play on Sunday if they had beat Dunbar. That may have been unlikely but anything can happen in a game.
  17. Trinity emptied its bench to start the second half. I don't know their exact rotation but I'm pretty sure it wasn't even their second team, closer to the last guys on the bench. A few minutes into the second have Lawrence Co put together a run. Slowly Trinity put their starters back in the game. By that time though Lawrence Co had momentum and I think cut it to as low as 8. I'll credit Lawrence Co for not giving up but I don't think it gets below 20 if the starters actually started the second half. I do plan to watch Lawrence Co tomorrow, they are a very fun team to watch. They have plenty of guys that can score. They just ran into a buzzsaw in the first half today.
  18. There were some fireworks late in this one. Buckhorn had the ball with under a minute left down 63-62. After a Buckhorn missed there was a questionable loose ball foul on Shannon Blank. Blank was very upset, slammed the ball down and caught it. He then slammed the ball down a second time and it went well above his head. The second slam earned him a T. The ref that T'd him up watched the first slam but didn't give him a T then really had no choice the second time he slammed the ball down. Coach John Noble got all over Blank, and rightfully so. Noble had been very upset with the officials the last few minutes before the T was called and he wasn't upset at that. But after the game was over Noble had some words for one of the officials as they were running off the floor. The two got up in each others face and Noble was T'd up and thrown out. Yes, thrown out after the game ended, not sure how that works but it happened. Noble was livid. Buckhorn's assistants had to hold him back from going after the official. Then Brad Carter, Lexington Catholic's AD, had to calm down Noble. It was a wild couple minutes to watch. It was also out of character from what I've seen from Coach Noble. I've never seen him as someone who tried to "show up" or disrespect the officials.
  19. Actually it was the opposite. I'm not certain of his name but Buckhorn was running up and down the floor from the beginning of the game and he was off his game. He wasn't really a factor. It was a good game to watch. Both teams are well coached and it was fun to watch. WV got a little frustrated by some foul calls they didn't agree with but I didn't think were poor. Sullivan for WV had a couple key steals and layups. I think it was Kinmon that hit some big 3's for WV when they were having trouble scoring.
  20. I'd second everything Danny said. Jacob Bates isn't playing for them right now. He was their second leading scorer last year and led them in rebounding according to KHSAA's website. I spoke to another player's father who said he got a concussion during their last scrimmage but that he should be back soon. I would think that would help them out.
  21. Link to article. Ridiculous that this happened. It is a very interesting read though. Also, wasn't sure what to put for the Title of the thread or if this was the appropriate message board, sort of skirts a few lines in that regard. Mods, feel free to change/move anything if necessary. Just thought this should be shared here and would be of interest.
  22. The teams participating make a HUGE difference. Had Montgomery County beat Ballard in 2013 I'd bet the championship attendance would have been north of 20,000. Two Western KY teams didn't really create much local interest I don't think. Combine that with one of the teams bringing a very poor crowd and you get what you had this year. Also, no real "star" power from either team. No Bolden or Justice or the like to draw the attention of the more casual fan.
  23. I prefer the current format. But as others have pointed out I live in Lexington so it works great for me. If I had to travel I might feel differently. I will say though, I hate that it is the same weekend as the start of the NCAA tournament. I'm sure it isn't a huge difference but I know some that'll choose to stay home Thursday/Friday and watch the NCAA tournament instead of going to Rupp.
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